Outstanding Thesis Award

Outstanding Thesis Awards: To recognize outstanding research or creative activity by students who have completed master's theses in the previous calendar year. Awards are made in the following categories: Social Science/Education; Arts/Humanities; Science/Technology. Because the caliber of submissions varies considerably, the awards are not necessarily given each year. Awards for currently enrolled students will be processed via Student Accounts. Students who have graduated will receive a check in the mail.


Nomination by Wednesday, February 23, 2022;
Materials by Tueday, March 8, 2022

Email Nominations to: Dr. Ross Gosky with SUBJECT LINE: Outstanding Thesis Award

Application Information

Eligibility for Nomination:

Any graduate student who completed a master's or specialist thesis in the previous calendar year at Appalachian. Up to THREE nominations per department may be submitted.

Nomination Process:

Send nominations for this award to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School via email. Nominated students will be informed of the nomination and invited to submit an application, which will include a copy of the thesis, supporting materials, and letters of support.

Selection Criteria

The awards are defined as honoring the best thesis from the previous calendar year based on:

  • interesting research/scholarly topic
  • clearly explained approach/method
  • clear indication of how the work adds to or aligns with the discipline
  • accessible to an educated non-specialist
  • well written and formatted


Cratis Williams Graduate School

Past Recipients

Stella Harden, Geography (Social Science/Education)
Clayton Cooke, Music Therapy (Arts/Humanities)
Grant Buckner, Biology (Science/Technology)

Kennon Howell Keiser, History (Arts/Humanities)
Amelia Bruce, Exercise Science (Science/Technology)

Jewel Parker, History (Arts/Humanities)
Daniel George, Psychology (Science/Technology)
Heather Guy, Geography and Planning (Social Science/Education)

Evyan Gainey, English (Arts/Humanities)
Reed Gurchiek, Exercise Science (Science/Technology)
Jessica Tierney McCausland, History (Social Science/Education)

Anthony Sadler, History (Arts/Humanities)
Matthew Green, Biology (Science/Technology)
Zachary Morgan, Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Alexa Dorris, Music Therapy (Arts/Humanities)
James Balcomb, Geography (Science/Technology)
Alex Kirk, Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Christopher Howard, MA History (Arts/Humanities)
Alyssa Teat, MS Biology (Science/Technology)
Alissa Anderson, MA Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Misty Harville, MA History (Arts/Humanities)
Johnathan Sugg, MA Geography (Science/Technology)
Laura Eddy, MA Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Carrie Anne Streeter, MA History (Arts/Humanities)
Mary Jane Carmichael, MA Biology (Science/Technology)
May Bartlett, MA Geography (Social Science/Education)

Ashley C. Brewer, MA Appalachian Studies (Arts/Humanities)
Ginger M. Kelly, MA Geography (Science/Technology)
Christopher L. Coffey, MA Geography (Social Science/Education)

Jeremy Land, MA History (Arts/Humanities)
Courtney McGahee, MS Engineering Physics (Science/Technology)
James Waynick, MA Geography (Social Science/Education)

Adam B. Smith, MS Engineering Physics (Science/Technology)
David (Jake) Gentry, MA Geography (Social Science/Education)

Christina Romanelli, MA English (Arts/Humanities)
Lauren Hunter, MA Geography (Science/Technology)
Marissa Swaim, MA Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Phillip Jameson, MA Appalachian Studies (Arts/Humanities)
Christopher Ellsworth, MS Computer Science (Science/Technology)
Stephanie Squires, MA Psychology (Social Science/Education)

Justin Wynns, MS Biology (Science/Technology)
James Dobson, MA Geography (Social Science/Education)

Only one thesis was recognized each year prior to 2006-07. Previous recipients:

Jessica Grice, Biology, 2005
Jason Blalock, Biology, 2004
Matt Estep, Biology, 2003
Janet Beck, English, 2002
Amy Hudnall, History, 2001
Brian L. Brown, Biology, 2000
Peter Smith, Biology, 1999
L. Baker Perry, Geography, 1998
Dana Tamashiro, Biology, 1997
Marvin Rainwater, Exercise Science, 1996
Philip Noblitt, History, 1995
Ashlee Hedgecock, Biology, 1994
Robert Williams, Jr., Physics, 1993
Melanie Mock, Chemistry, 1992
James O'Dell, History, 1991
Donald Albert, Geography, 1990
Douglas Aldridge, English, 1989
Clifton Calloway, Jr., Chemistry, 1988
Susan Enscore, Geography, 1987
Catherine Mader, Chemistry, 1986
Jon Speed, Biology, and Charles Abernathy, Physics, 1985 (two awards)
Donna Ellington, History, 1984
Gisele Loriot, English, 1983
Gregory Harris, Biology, 1982
Charlie Smith, English, 1981
Timothy Silver, History, 1980
Patricia Hackney, Counselor Education, 1979
Harold Daniel, Economics and Business, 1978
Cynthia Culbreth, Political Science, 1977
W. Fred Sides, Geography, 1976
Martin Tucker, History, 1975