Graduate School Awards

The School of Graduate Studies administers the following awards for research, creative activities, and professional development. Awards may range from $250-$500 or higher, depending on availability of funds.

Research / Creative Activities and Professional Development

  • Domer Research Award: This award was established to provide assistance for thesis research and/or scholarly activities.   
  • Zigli Research Award: This award was established to support graduate students engaged in research/scholarly activities.
  • OSR Research Grant: This grant is designed to fund costs associated with outside the classroom, faculty-mentored, student-based research projects or creative endeavors. The Office of Student Research also offers travel grants for students to present at meetings or conferences.

Teaching, Research / Creative Activities and Service

  • Outstanding Thesis Awards: To recognize outstanding research or creative activity by students who have completed master's theses in the previous calendar year. Awards are made in the following categories: Social Science / Education; Arts / Humanities; Science / Technology. 
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: To recognize graduate students who excel as instructors in undergraduate classes during the current academic year. Up to three awards are made each year. 
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award: To recognize graduate students who have contributed to graduate student life in their departments, off-campus cohorts, or on campus during the current academic year. 

Awards Open to Both Faculty and Students

  • Wachovia Award: To recognize and award faculty and/or graduate students for research related to environmental concerns for the region served by the University.