Advising & Planning

Transferring in Coursework

The Graduate School will accept transfer coursework from another accredited university provided your advisor agrees that the course is acceptable on your program of study AND the courses meet the all of the general rules for transfer listed below. Learn about the guidelines and procedures for transferring in coursework.

Changing or Adding Programs

Currently enrolled graduate students may be able to add a second program or certificate, or make changes to their existing minor, certificate or degree program. Students who are interested should review their options for changing or adding programs before proceeding.

Course Enrollment

If you are interested in dropping or adding a course, you can do that through Appalnet. Check the Academic Calendar to see if drop/add is permitted. If it is after day 5 of the fall/spring semester or day 2 of the summer term, please use this request form.

Senior undergraduate students with at least a 3.0 GPA, international exchange students, and graduate non-degree seeking students may obtain special permission to enroll in a courses without being admitted to a graduate degree or certificate program. If you meet one of these conditions, please complete this form to request special permission to enroll in a graduate level course.

Suspension and Probation

Graduate students with poor grades or a denial of candidacy can become academically ineligible from further graduate study at App State. If you become academically suspended, you can make a request with you department chair or program director to return on probation. Learn more about how you can make an appeal.

Student Grievances and Appeals

If you need assistance or advice during your time as a graduate student, you should first contact your advisor, program director or department chair. If you cannot get the information you need, check out this list of resources for handling common student situations such as filing an appeal or complaint, requesting a disability accomodation, reporting misconduct, and more.

Student Resources

Graduate students have access to multiple resources to help them throughout their time at App State. Check out what resources are available.