Deadline Reminder:

The July 1 application completion deadline for fall 2019 is approaching for select graduate programs. Please click here to view the full list.

General non-degree application deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes each term.

● Fall 2019 non-degree deadline: Monday, August 5

If you have questions, please contact the School of Graduate Studies at gradadmissions@appstate.edu or (828) 262-2130.

New required transcript policy for spring 2020 applicants and beyond

Official transcripts must be submitted showing any completed degrees and transcripts showing any coursework completed at institutions other than Appalachian in the last five years. Former students of Appalachian are not required to submit official transcripts for their Appalachian coursework, but transcripts from all other institutions attended in the last five years must be submitted.

*Please note some programs may require additional undergraduate transcripts or transcripts older than five years to verify coursework for licensure purposes, completion of course prerequisites, etc. In addition, an applicant may submit transcripts for any other coursework they would like to have considered.

Now Accepting Applications for 2019-2020

Are you interested in applying to one or more of our 70 graduate degree or certificate programs? We're excited to help you learn more about our graduate student community. If you have a question, email gradadmissions@appstate.edu or call 828-262-2130 and ask to speak to a Graduate Admissions representative. We look forward to receiving your graduate application for admission! Start your application today!


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Why Graduate School?

A graduate degree can help you:

  • Receive a promotion
  • Qualify for a job that requires a graduate degree
  • Be more competitive in the job market
  • Change professions
  • Earn more money and achieve greater job security
  • Pursue a doctoral degree
  • Fulfill your dreams

Why Appalachian?

Everyone who visits the campus of Appalachian State University immediately notices something special about the campus, the students, the faculty, and staff. We have the facilities, resources, and opportunities often associated with larger schools, while maintaining the sense of community usually expected of smaller schools... the best of both worlds! This is a university where graduate students are valued as teachers, scholars, and students, and where everyone is welcomed to be part of the "Appalachian Family." At Appalachian State University, #MastersMatter!

The Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies offers 70 graduate degree and certificate programs to help you achieve whatever goals or dreams you have!

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