Statue of Liberty ImageSpring 2017 Professional Development Series:

GRD 5530 From Graduate School to the Workforce: Impact of Immigration(1 hr) 

What does all this recent talk about immigration mean for you as a graduate student preparing to enter the workforce?

How is immigration impacting our communities and the workplace?     

What are the challenges and opportunities to working in a more diverse work setting?

Join the School of Graduate Studies for a 1-hour seminar course to explore these and other questions about immigration and the workforce. At the end of the term, we’ll head to New York City for a weeklong stay at the ASU Loft where we will learn first-hand, how communities and companies are responding to the changing face of America.

Enrolled students will participate in an 8-day NYC Study Away Experience May 21-28, 2017 at the ASU Loft.

Click here for more information on registering for this Spring 2017 seminar series and trip to NYC.

This opportunity is open to both main campus and distance education graduate students. Space limited!



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