Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award

Awarded to a graduate student who has performed exemplary service in the interest of graduate education at Appalachian State University. Nominations are accepted each year, but are judged compared to all nominees and past recipients. Thus, the award is not necessarily given each year.  Awards for currently enrolled students will be processed via Student Accounts. Students who have graduated will receive a check in the mail.


Nomination by Wednesday, February 23, 2022;
Materials by Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Email Nominations to: Dr. Ross Gosky with SUBJECT LINE: Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award

Application Information

Eligibility for Nomination:

Any currently enrolled degree-seeking graduate student at Appalachian.

Nomination Process

Nominated students will be informed of the nomination and invited to submit an application, which will include supporting materials and up to three letters of support.

Selection Criteria

The service activity must have occurred during the student's current graduate career. The service activity cannot be connected with degree requirements or assistantship duties--in other words, the nominee should not have received a grade or a stipend for any part of the activity. The service activity must benefit or significantly enhance graduate education at Appalachian.


Cratis D. Williams Graduate School

Past Recipients

2020-2021: Rachel Nelson, Educational Leadership

2019-2020: Jeff Miller, Engineering Physics

2018-2019: Kelly McCallister, Educational Leadership

2017-2018: Cheryl Nickel, Psychology

2016-2017: Brooke Hardin, Educational Leadership

2015-2016: Not given

2014-2015: Willard Watson III,  Appalachian Studies

2014: Samuel Luke Tunstall, Mathematics

2013: Arshad Bashir, Educational Leadership

2012: Atul Bhula, Business Administration

2011: Rebecca Jones, Appalachian Studies

2010: Erin Miller, Curriculum and Instruction

2008, 2009: Not given

2007: Lari Garren, Mathematical Sciences

2006: Richard Fulton, Human Development and Psychological Counseling