Research and Teaching Awards for Graduate Students

The School of Graduate Studies administers the following awards for research, creative activities, and professional development. Awards may range from $250-$500 or higher, depending on availability of funds.

See also Fellowships and Scholarships. See also Honors.

Student Awards

Deadlines for 2022-2023: 

Nomination by Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Materials by Monday, February 20, 2023

Research / Creative Activities and Professional Development 

  • Domer Research Award: This award was established to provide assistance for thesis research and/or scholarly activities.   
  • Joyce V. Lawrence Award: This award was established to provide assistance to women in graduate studies for excellence in the areas of research, scholarship, and for professional development (no longer funded). Click here for past recipients.
  • Zigli Research Award:Established to support graduate students engaged in research/scholarly activities. 
  • GSGA Research and Travel Awards: Multiple submission dates are set each year. 
  • Cratis Williams Research Grants: Multiple submission dates are set each year. See the Office of Student Research for more information on eligibility and submission.

Teaching, Research / Creative Activities and Service

  • Outstanding Thesis Awards: To recognize outstanding research or creative activity by students who have completed master's theses in the previous calendar year. Awards are made in the following categories: Social Science / Education; Arts / Humanities; Science / Technology. 
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: To recognize graduate students who excel as instructors in undergraduate classes during the current academic year. Up to three awards are made each year. 
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award: To  recognize graduate students who have contributed to graduate student life in their departments, off-campus cohorts, or on campus during the current academic year. 

Awards Open to Both Faculty and Students

  • Wachovia Award: To recognize and award faculty and/or graduate students for research related to environmental concerns for the region served by the University.