Lawrence Professional Development Award

This award was established to honor women in graduate studies for excellence in the areas of research, scholarship, and for professional development. This award is no longer funded.

Selection Criteria

When reviewing applicants for this award, reviewers will consider the following:

  • Evidence of scholarly excellence on the part of the student e.g., recipients of prior awards
  • The quality of the proposal submitted, e.g., clarity of presentation, significance of work/professional development proposed, creativity and originality in the proposal
  • Consideration should be given to the impact of this award on the recipient's career. Will receipt of the award make a real difference?
  • Consideration may be given to need-based requests as they relate to scholarship or professional development.

Donor: The Lawrence Family/Friends and former students

Past Recipients:

  • 2015-2016 Sarah Mehta, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • 2014-2015 Brittany Means, Appalachian Studies
  • 2013: Laura Brookshire, Appalachian Studies
  • 2012: Eva Beeker, Human Development and Psychological Counseling
  • 2011: not given
  • 2010: Angela Brooks-Livingstone, Human Development and Psychological Counseling
  • 2009: Anna Clay, Human Development and Psychological Counseling
  • 2008: Meredith Doster, Appalachian Studies
  • 2007: Josiah Zayner, Biology
  • 2006: Nicole Rieselman, Leadership and Educational Studies
  • 2005: Jorge Esquivel, Biology
  • 2004: James Dobson, Geography & Planning
  • 2003; Ashley Angliss, Psychology
  • 2003: Not Given
  • 2002: Monica Lindsey, Biology
  • 2000: Claire Bird, Biology
  • 1999: Not Given
  • 1998: Adina C. Watkins, Leadership & Educational Studies
  • 1997: Candace Marie Brennan, English
  • 1996: Amalie Walker Hinson, School of Music