Transferring in Coursework

We accept transfer coursework from another accredited* university provided your advisor agrees that the course is acceptable on your program of study AND the courses meet the all of the general rules for transfer listed below.

When you were admitted you agreed to follow the program in the bulletin for your entry term, so your advisor is under NO obligation to agree to any transfer coursework.

If the credit meets these conditions AND your advisor agrees, then the Graduate School must receive an official transcript direct from the other university documenting the dates of attendance and grades for the courses. If you took the courses prior to attending Appalachian State University, we should already have the official transcript that you submitted with your admission application.

*If the university is in the US but is not regionally accredited, then we cannot accept the credit for transfer. If the university is foreign, please contact the Graduate School to confirm whether the credit will be acceptable for transfer.

Rules for Transfer (Graduate Bulletin)

  • the course was not used to complete another degree
  • the grade in the course will be less than 7 years old at the time you graduate from App State
  • the course is at the same or higher level (i.e., undergraduate coursework cannot be used by any graduate student, and doctoral students may transfer only doctoral level coursework)
  • the grade in the course is at least a B (B- is not acceptable, nor are S or P grades)
  • no more than 6 hours of credit for thesis programs and 9 hours for other programs may be transferred

Getting Your Transfer Credit Recorded

To report your intent to use transfer courses on your program of study, you should work with your advisor to complete a program customization form. Be sure that it is clear where the transfer will be used (electives or substitutions for required courses).

Once we receive both the program customization form (PDF, 122 KB) and official transcripts, we will code the transfer credit so that it displays in Degreeworks and on your unofficial transcript. Note, however, that grades for transfer coursework do not count in your GPA.