Application Types

The Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies has several different application types. To help guide you to making the right selection, here is some general information on the steps and your options.

Degrees and Certificates

Most applicants will be applying through our Degrees or Certificates application, which is for applicants seeking enrollment in a graduate degree and/or a graduate certificate program. This also includes applicants who may be currently pursuing a graduate certificate program but who wish to pursue a graduate degree program upon completion of the graduate certificate program.  Note: If you are a current undergraduate at Appalachian seeking early admission to a graduate degree program, please see the section on Accelerated Admissions.

To start a new application to a graduate degree or graduate certificate program:

  1. Go to the 'Apply Now' link
  2. Create an account or Login as a returning user
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Start a New Application
  4. To create an application for Summer 1 2020, Summer 2 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 admission, Select 2020-21 Graduate Applications, then click Create Application

Accelerated Admissions

The Accelerated Admissions application is exclusively for qualified, currently-enrolled Appalachian State undergraduate degree-seeking students who are applying for early acceptance to select master's degree programs. For detailed information on Accelerated Admissions including: qualifications, enrollment requirements,  and direct links to the online application, please click here.


The non-degree application is for applicants who do not plan to pursue a graduate degree or a graduate certificate program for a specific term, but still wish to enroll in graduate-level courses for graduate credit. Reasons for enrolling as a non-degree student include: receiving academic credit for participation in certain conferences or institutes offered on our campus, personal or professional enrichment, enrolling in courses for transfer credit to another institution, and enrolling in courses to see if a particular graduate program will be a good fit. Please note that some departments restrict enrollment in classes to active students within a graduate program. Before starting a non-degree application, we advise potential applicants to contact the department to confirm that non-degree enrollment will be permitted for the course(s) that you wish to take. If you want to apply as a graduate-level, non-degree student, please visit our page on applying for non-degree enrollment.


The readmission application is exclusively for students who are seeking to continue enrollment in their previously-attended graduate program and who withdrew from classes in the previous term (receiving 'W' grades on their transcript) or who did not enroll (stopped out) for at least one Spring or Fall term. Students who completed a program at Appalachian State and now wish to pursue a new program or who are seeking to pursue a different program will need to create a Degrees and Certificates application. Students who were enrolled as graduate-level, non-degree seeking in 2018 or later and who wish to return as only a graduate-level, non-degree student, may also use the readmission application.

Still have questions? Please contact the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions at 828-262-7133.