Frequently Asked Questions


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Transferring in Coursework

We accept transfer coursework from another accredited* university provided your advisor agrees that the course is acceptable on your program of study AND the courses meet the all of the general rules for transfer listed below.

Getting Help with Concerns or Complaints

Need help or advice? If you cannot get the information you need from your advisor, program director or department chair (click here for a list), the Graduate School staff can answer questions and help you to determine what your next steps will be.

Changing Programs or Adding a Second Program

Are you interested in adding a second program or certificate or in changing to a different program? Here are your options.


Adding a Minor (Enrolled Degree-Seeking Students)

If you are currently enrolled in good standing in a master's degree program, you can request to add a minor as follows:


Overview of DegreeWorks (DW)

What is DegreeWorks?
DW is a Web-based tool available in Appalnet for you and your advisor to monitor your academic progress toward completion of your graduate program - degree, certificate, and/or minor.

Suspension and Probation

Graduate students who meet one or more of the conditions below will be academically suspended from further graduate study at Appalachian.