Legal Issues Training for Students with Assistantships

All graduate assistants, regardless of their particular duties, must complete some basic training on the legal issues that commonly arise in a college setting.

Please complete the mini-course at your earliest convenience so that we can document your training. If you are unable to complete the mini-course for some reason, send an email so that we can arrange an in-person session for you. The legal training must be completed before we can submit your payroll authorization (meaning that your paycheck may be delayed if you don't complete the training on time).

The content modules below this introductory module are for you to read through. All graduate assistants will learn about privacy of information, harassment, and basic liability if something happens while you are "in charge."

Teaching and Research Assisants will read some additional materials on dealing with students and on the responsible conduct of research. Some of the specific issues you read about may not come up in your current duties. However, please take the time to read through all of the sections!

  • All assistants dealing with students (even if not teaching in a classroom setting) should know the basic issues.
  • All assistants working on research should know the basics of authorship, data ownership, and working responsibly with people and animals.

Once you have read through the materials, follow the link for the assessment. This will direct you to log into ASULearn, where we have placed the online assessment. This assessment is a brief "quiz" containing content questions. You can repeat the quiz to increase your score. You must achieve 80% in order to satisfy the training requirement. Students who score less than 80% will not be allowed to continue with their assistantships.

Please direct questions or comments to:
Monica Rose, Financial Assistance (