Changing Grades and Dealing with Incompletes

This is not a legal issue, but a procedural one. Suggestions:

  • If you find you have made a mistake in calculating a grade: Discuss this with your supervising faculty member and then make the change. This can be done through the usual on-line grade reporting system up to one semester after the end of the course.
  • If you give an incomplete: Be sure to make clear to the student the requirements for completing the missing work, as well as a timeline for doing so. In particular, incomplete grades must be remedied by the end of the next regular academic semester.
  • If you are graduating and are giving a student and incomplete: Make arrangements with your supervising faculty member or department chair, and provide information and documentation related to your students' grades to ensure that the professor can explain the grade, or grade the work necessary to remove the Incomplete, as well as you could. Stay in touch with that professor (by email or otherwise) so that you can answer questions if necessary.