Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who are registered through the Office of Disability Services must be accommodated in an appropriate manner. Disability services will send a list of students who are registered to each instructor of record. If you have students who are on the list, do not single them out. It is better to make a general announcement at the beginning of the semester or to wait until the student approaches you.

If you have a student with a disability, you may be asked by Disability Services to allow one or more accommodations, such as:

  • provide additional time on exams
  • allow for a reader or scriber to work with the student
  • provide a place with fewer distractions for exams -- if you don't have someplace that would work, Disability Services can administer the exam for you

You should not offer these to students who have not registered, since that could be construed as favoring one student without being required to.

Syllabus atatement about accommodation of disabilities:

"Appalachian State University is committed to providing an inclusive experience, accessible learning environments and equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Individuals needing reasonable accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Resources (828.262.3056 or"


Office of Disability Resources Website