Who is eligible?

Any faculty member (tenured, tenure-track, or multi-year contract clinical or research faculty) can apply - even if not a graduate faculty member. Note that FACULTY apply for these -- not students. We consider these to be internal grants to faculty.

What is the benefit?

You get a graduate research associate to work on your project; the student gets valuable experience and $14,000 in salary.

What if I don't have a specific student picked out yet?

No problem; just be sure to indicate what program the student would be chosen from.

Can I have more than one GRAM at a time?


Can I apply every year?

You can have at most one GRAM every three years (in other words, you must wait at least a year after a GRAM award expires before applying for another).

How will the recipients be chosen?

Proposals are reviewed by a team of faculty, who submit ratings for each proposal. Faculty are selected from the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee, University Research Council, and former GRAM recipients. When possible, faculty are selected from departments other than those with proposals in the pool.

screen shot of rating system

These ratings are submitted to the Dean, who reviews the recommendations and awards the GRAMS. The first category--CLEAR STRONG advantage to FACULTY research--is most heavily weighted.

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