GRAM - Graduate Research Assistant Mentoring Program

The Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Program (GRAM) is designed to provide research-active faculty with the opportunity to mentor talented graduate students through collaborative work on the faculty members' research projects. Awards will be considered internal grants, with the faculty member as PI.

Note: This competition is for GRAM awards starting Fall 2022 and ending in Spring 2024. 

General Information

  •  DEADLINE: Sunday, November 7th, 2021. (Applications must be received by 11:59 pm on the deadline.)

  • We anticipate continued support for up to 20 GRAM faculty at any given time (combination of 10 new and 10 continuing GRAMs each year).
  • Students will be paid $12,000 per academic year for a commitment of 20 hours per week.
  • Support is guaranteed for four contiguous academic-year terms only (excluding summers).
  • Since GRAM students are technically GRAs, they must meet all requirements for holding a GRA.
  • GRAMs are not eligible for other graduate assistantships or student employment. They are eligible for all fellowships and scholarships.
  • All students selected for the GRAM program must participate in professional development sponsored by the Graduate School:
    • Year 1 GRAM students must participate in at least three (3) workshops in year one, sponsored by the Graduate School
    • Year 2 GRAM students must participate in the Graduate School's 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition held in the fall of each year OR attend at least three (3) approved professional development workshops sponsored by the Graduate School

Faculty Eligibility

  • Faculty mentors must be tenured/tenure track OR multi-year, full-time research, clinical, or professional faculty.
  • Faculty mentors must have a documented track record of mentoring student research successfully (experience with undergraduate researchers is acceptable).
  • Faculty members must be willing to submit mid-term and final reports documenting the work conducted as part of the GRAM program. Reports should include record of GRAM students' participation in the professional development workshops.

Student Eligibility

  • New Student Eligibility:
    • Regular (unconditional) admission to a graduate degree program at Appalachian;
    • Full-time enrollment of 9-12 hours (no exceptions);
    • Preference will be given for admission credentials with a minimum of 3.5 undergraduate GPA and 50th percentile on standardized test score (where applicable).
  • Continuing Student Eligibility:
    • Full-time enrollment of 9-12 hours (no exceptions);
    • GRAM students must maintain good academic standing, with no grades below a B;
    • Participation in ASU's 3MT in the fall;
    • Positive evaluations from faculty research mentor.

Program Restrictions

  • Students:
    • Total stipend must be awarded to only one student in an academic year; faculty may choose to fund two students consecutively, one each academic year.
    • Maximum length of the appointment is two years; no renewals after the second year will be granted.
    • GRAM students are not eligible for any other graduate assistantships.
  • Faculty:
    • Faculty members must wait one (1) year after a GRAM award ends before they are eligible to reapply.


  • Short-term requirements:
    • One-page progress report at the end of each year, to be submitted by the faculty awardee
  • Long-term indicators of success:
    • Conference presentations and publications
    • Proposal(s) submitted for external funding with support for GRAs
    • GRAMs admitted to a doctoral program
    • GRAMs employed in professional careers directly related to graduate degree and research experience

Application Process

  • The application must be submitted by the faculty mentor.
  • The application must have the support of both the department chairperson AND another faculty member familiar with the applicant's research.
  • The application must:
    • Describe how the GRAM student will be recruited and selected;
    • Describe the faculty member's research project and outline the duties and expectations for the GRAM student;
    • Include a plan for mentoring the GRAM student in the research process in the discipline and in RCR (responsible conduct of research).
  • The application must specify how the experience will give the Research Assistant opportunities for one or more of the following:
    • Work that will enhance a master's thesis / capstone / product of learning
    • Conference presentation
    • Publication as co-author
    • Leadership experiences

Application Deadline

 DEADLINE: The ONLINE APPLICATION is due by no later than Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at 11:59 pm.