100 Scholars Research Award

The 100 Scholars Research Award is designed to recognize exemplary research or creative activities of a tenured faculty member. The recipient will be a senior faculty member (associate or full professor), performing well above the standard level of faculty research within the last five years.


Nomination by Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Materials by Monday, February 20, 2023

Email Nominations to: Dr. Ross Gosky  SUBJECT LINE: 100 Scholars Research Award

General Information

  • The recipient will be selected in March and will be honored at the faculty awards reception in the Spring.

  • The monetary award of $1000 (if sufficient funding is generated by the endowment) will be administered in the Graduate School as an expense account.

  • The funding may be used for any non-salary expense related to performing the research or creative activities in the project, including purchase of equipment and supplies, and travel for data collection or dissemination.

  • The recipient must spend the funds by May 15 in the year awarded.

Faculty Eligibility

  • Faculty members must be tenured, with at least five years of documentable research / creative activity.

  • Faculty members must have a clearly defined current or proposed project for which the funding will be used.

Application Process

The application packet must include at least one letter of nomination. Two other letters of support are permitted and should be from either the chair or a faculty colleague familar with the nominee's research project.

The application must:

  1. Describe the project for which the funds will be used, including the impact of the project and plans for dissemination of results
  2. Succinctly list the research / creative accomplishments from the last five years.

Selection Criteria

The award winner should be a senior faculty member (associate or full professor), performing well above the standard level of faculty research.

Sustained research or creative production

  • C.V. that documents a long-term research agenda and significant research or creative productivity
  • Clear project description—either extending existing research or creative production or developing a new line of enquiry or creativity
  • Potential contribution of proposed project to the discipline or to the public understanding of the discipline
  • Clear plans for dissemination

All other things being equal, any of the following should be given extra weight in the following order:

  • External funding
  • Research fitting into Appalachian's targeted research/creative areas: environment, energy, health and human services, Appalachian culture and heritage, teacher effectiveness, artistic production and performance
  • At some level, rank and length of service at Appalachian should be factored into the decision.


Faculty, staff, and friends of Appalachian State University

Past Recipients

1997 Dr. David C. Nieman, Health, Leisure & Exercise Science
1998 Dr. Jeffry L. Hirst, Mathematical Sciences
1999 Dr. Frank Mohler, Theatre & Dance
2000 Dr. Elizabeth Potter Jordan, School of Music
Dr. Alan Utter, Health, Leisure & Exercise Science
2001 Dr. Margaret Werts, Language, Reading & Exceptionalities
2002 Dr. Kristen St. John, Geology
2003 Dr. Ana Merino, Foreign Languages & Literatures
2004 Dr. Vicki Martin, Biology
2005 Dr. Edwin Arnold, English
2006 Dr. James A. Winders, History
2007 Dr. Jeffrey Bortz, History
2008 Dr. William Harbinson, Music
2008 Dr. Howard Neufeld, Biology
2009 Dr. Joseph Bathanti, English
2010 Dr. Richard Gray, Physics and Astronomy
2011 Dr. Kin-Yan Szeto, Theatre and Dance
2012 Dr. Johnny Waters, Geology
2013 Dr. Timothy Silver, History
2014-2015 Dr. Peter Soule, Geography and Planning
2015-2016 Dr. Suzanna Brauer, Biology
2016-2017 Dr. David Koppenhaver, Reading Education and Special Education
2017-2018 Dr. Robert Creed, Biology
2018-2019 Dr. Alecia Jackson, Leadership and Educational Studies
2019-2020 Dr. Melissa Gutschall, Nutrition and Health Care Management
2020-2021 Dr. Baker Perry, Geography and Planning
2021-2022 Dr. John Whitehead, Economics