Financial Aid

Financing graduate education is always a key concern of graduate students.  Following are opportunities to assist in financing your education.


The Graduate School allocates funding to departments to use to hire some full-time graduate students as graduate assistants. In addition to the departments, a number of other units (student development, academic affairs, the School for Graduate Studies) hire graduate students. Assistantships are jobs (not scholarships) with duties and a salary (taxes are withheld). Duties may include teaching, research or administrative functions. The salaries vary across campus depending on duties and hours, with a minimum set at the equivalent of $13.33 per hour.

If you have received an offer of an assistantship through your home department, your home department will work with you to get your contract signed. If you have not worked at Appalachian before, you will be contacted by Monica Rose, Businss Services Coordinator,  in August about signing employment paperwork in the School of Graduate Studies. It is important to note that assistantships are subject to state and federal tax and do not include any tuition or fee reductions.

If you were not offered an assistantship, you may contact your home department to see if there are funds still available and you may also check the job list on the assistantships page to see if there open assistantships elsewhere on campus.

Special note: If you are a provisionaly admited student, you will be probationary during your first term and cannot hold an assistantship in that term. Once you successfuly complete your first term, you will be eligible to have an assistantship - if there is one available.  Be sure to let your home department know that you are interested.


The Graduate School offers fellowships at several levels to full-time students. These are awarded on a competitive basis based on test scores, GPA, and an essay. If you checked "yes" in response to the fellowship question on your application and your application was complete by the fellowship deadline, you were considered for a fellowship.  If you do not receive a fellowship in  your first year of graduate school, you may apply again in the spring for a fellowship in your second year.

Tuition Scholarships

Each department has a small amount of funding to reduce out-of-state tuition costs for research assistants and teaching assistants to the in-state tuition rate.  Tuition scholarships are quite competitive.  If you are an out-of-state or international student, please let your home department know that you are interested in a tuition scholarship.

Financial Aid

United States citizen or permanent resident graduate students enrolled in at least 5 hours of coursework related to their degree or certificate program are usually eligible to receive Federal aid in the form of loans. In addition, a very small amount of State grant funding is available to North Carolina resident graduate students who have high levels of need. To be considered for aid, you must start by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You can find information about the process, helpful hints, and links to the form on the financial aid website: Follow the link for 'FAFSA.' Once you complete the FAFSA (and specify the school with Appalachian's code 002906) and accept your offer of admission so that we can give you a Banner ID, our financial aid office can begin preparing a financial aid package for you. 

You will find more information about your financial aid package via your AppalNet account.  There is a financial aid tab with your information included.  The Office of Financial Aid accepts  walk-ins from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.