Graduate Assistantships

Types of Assistantships

What types of assistantships are there?

Graduate Assistantships Overview

All full-time, on-campus degree-seeking students are eligible for assistantships within their home departments and in other offices on campus.

Available Graduate Assistantship Positions

For other campus employment opportunities, you may also want to visit our page of additional Student Employment Opportunities. These opportunities are positions not processed through the Graduate School but that other offices have asked us to share.

Mandatory Training for Graduate Assistants

All graduate students who have graduate assistantships must complete the training once each academic year (August 1 through July 31).

Training Process & Assessment Quiz

Step 1: Read through the materials

Submit an Assistantship or Job Posting

Would you like to hire a graduate assistant or graduate student worker? Use this form to submit the position to the Graduate School so that we can review it and post it on our website.

GRAM Research Assistant Mentoring Program

The Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Program (GRAM) is designed to provide research- active faculty with the opportunity to mentor talented graduate students through collaborative work on the faculty members' research projects. Awards will be considered internal grants with the faculty member as PI.