Starting the Application Process

I would like to be considered for an Accelerated Admission program, how do I apply?

  1. Meet with the director of the desired graduate program to confirm your eligibility and support for your application for the Accelerated Admission program.
  2. Go to the page on Application Availability and Deadline Information for instructions and the link for the application. Please plan to submit an application for the term* that you intend to be fully admitted into the graduate program. Note that this admission term should be 7-13 months from the time of application. 
  3. Complete the application for your desired graduate program quickly to ensure that your proposed graduate program has time to review and make a recommendation regarding potential admission prior to the admission term* deadline.

* Your proposed admission term for your graduate application must be after you complete your undergraduate degree program. Most programs encourage students to go into the graduate degree program in the term immediately following graduation from the undergraduate degree program. For example, most May graduates will apply for admission to the graduate program for Summer 1 unless otherwise instructed by the graduate program.

The application process requires:

  • Official transcripts
  • Three references
  • Application Fee
  • A current RCN for applicants claiming residency
  • Supplemental materials (as required by the individual program)

See the next page (Additional Information) for more details on the application requirements.