Accelerated Admission Graduate Coursework

Graduate Coursework taken during Undergraduate Enrollment

Please note that graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate student at Appalachian during the Accelerated Admission program can only be applied to graduate programs here at Appalachian. This coursework may not be transferrable to another university since other graduate schools do not generally accept any transfer courses that were already counted toward another degree.

Only courses with a grade of B (3.0) or better can be applied to the graduate program of study with a limit of 12 hours total counting toward the graduate degree program in which you enroll.

You may not take graduate hours in Thesis, Independent/Individual Study, or Internship while still an undergraduate student even as an Accelerated Admission student.

Once you have been notified of acceptance for Accelerated Admission, you may register for graduate coursework on your own. You should talk with your undergraduate advisor and the graduate program director if you want to select courses that will count for both your undergraduate and graduate programs. There is no guarantee that courses will be counted without prior approval from both of these individuals. If you are planning to take courses solely for use in your future graduate degree program, then you should discuss the best course(s) to take with the graduate program director.

After you have started classes as a fully admitted graduate degree student, your advisor or program director will need submit a request to the Graduate School to have your courses that were taken as an undergraduate updated to count toward your graduate degree program.