Directions for Applying for Graduate Non-Degree Status (includes Summer Session)

We are looking forward to learning more about you through the online application process. Please read through the FAQs below to prepare. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions at any point (, 828-262-2130).

What information should be gathered before starting the process?

The online application form is self-explanatory; please read each screen carefully. You will be prompted to enter information about yourself and your credentials. You can save information on each webpage, and then log out to return later to continue entering information.

You will need the following information to complete your application.

  • An email account that you will have access to during the application review process. Questions about your application will be sent to the email address that you provide.
  • The names and dates of attendance for all colleges and universities you have ever attended (even if the credit transferred to another institution, including Appalachian if you attended here!), and the date(s) on which you were awarded any degrees. These dates are on your transcripts if you are not sure about them.
  • You will be required to answer questions about any misconduct from the past or currently under review, including criminal offenses or academic disciplinary actions. You will be prompted to give short explanations. Please note that failure to disclose this information or to provide an adequate explanation can delay, or even cause rejection of, your application. In addition, we will contact you regarding the submission of a criminal background check to document the charges.
  • Note that non-degree students will need to receive permission from the instructor and department chair for each course before enrollment will be granted and some graduate departments do not allow any non-degree student enrollment. You should contact the department chair and instructor before seeking admission to confirm that you will be allowed to enroll as a non-degree student.

What constitutes a complete application?

The following items are required for all non-degree applications.

  1. The online application form, with all required information filled in and submitted.
  2. The application processing fee (which supports the technology and manpower needed for data entry).
  3. An official transcript showing that you have earned at least a baccalaureate degree. The mailing address is: Cratis D. Williams Graduate School, Box 32068, Boone, NC 28608. If you earned a degree here at Appalachian, you do not need to supply any transcripts; we will pull them on your behalf. If you are using UPS or FedEx, our street address is Appalachian Graduate School; 287 Rivers Street, Room 232; Boone, NC 28608.

Who can help with questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School if you need help! Mr. Dontrell Parson is the director of admissions and recruiting; Ms. Victoria Carlberg ( is the associate director of graduate admissions and can be contacted during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time Zone USA) on the phone as well: 828.262.7133.

What's the deadline for applying for non-degree status?

The deadline for the non-degree application is ten business days prior to the start of the term. For the summer terms the deadline is set based on the first day of classes for the "First 5 Week Summer Session" and the "Second Summer Session" in the academic calendar.  Please visit the Registrar's Office Calendars & Schedules page for the most current academic calendars.

Ready to apply? 

Simply click the link below for starting your application. Note: You will be required to create an account first if you do not have one for the graduate application system yet. After you have an account and have logged in, you should be able to your non-degree application.

Click here to start a new, graduate-level, non-degree application for Summer 1, Summer 2, or Fall 2021.