Applying to Graduate School - U.S. Students

Ready to apply for graduate study at Appalachian? Our application process involves an on-line form (linked at the bottom of this page). You can use the form to apply for:

  • Graduate Degree Programs offered by Appalachian on- or off-campus, including master's and specialist degrees, and the educational leadership doctoral degree program
  • Graduate Certificate Programs offered by Appalachian on- or off-campus
  • First-Time Graduate Non-Degree or Licensure Enrollment (including summer workshop participants seeking graduate credit) on- or off-campus

Been a student at Appalachian before?

  • Returning Graduate Student:
    • If you were admitted and enrolled as a graduate student in the last seven years and you are returning under the same classification and the same program (for example: Master of Arts in Higher Education), you may request to resume your enrollment via the application for readmission process. Please send Victoria Carlberg a re-enrollment request email with the subject line: graduate application for readmission. In your email, make sure to indicate your current graduate program, last academic term attended, and whether you were enrolled on main campus, off-campus, or online. The School of Graduate Studies will contact you concerning your next step once your email request has been received. DO NOT complete an application for readmission until you are specifically instructed to do so.
    • If you graduated from a graduate program, then your student enrollment was formally ended when you graduated, so you must submit a new on-line graduate admission application to the Graduate School in order to establish a new student status.
  • Returning Undergraduate: If you were an undergraduate and wish to return as a graduate student (non-degree, licensure, degree or certificate enrollment), you must complete the on-line graduate admission application. A datasheet is not sufficient.
  • Adding a Certificate or Changing Majors: If you are currently enrolled in a degree program and wish to add a certificate, add licensure or change your major, you can request this consideration through the Graduate School. There is no need to complete the admission application.

The Application for Graduate Study

The on-line admission application is quick and easy if you prepare ahead. First you will need to create an account, choosing a username and password (6-20 characters with one number and one special character). We strongly encourage you to read the directions for preparing your application (listed below) before entering the on-line application site.

International applicants should also read through Special Information for International Applicants.

Begin the Graduate Application Process