Allocating Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships

The assistantship and NC tuition scholarship allocations are determined, based upon a number of factors: past allocations and actual use, full-time graduate (on campus) enrollment, applications, summer student credit hours generated, etc.

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Requirements for hiring graduate assistants
Requirements for NCTS Awards
Suggestions for offering funds to new students
International student funding
Federal financial aid information
How to complete the assistantship and NCTS forms


  • The minimum stipend for a 20-hour summer session assistantship is $1500.
  • The minimum stipend paid for a 20-hour academic year assistantship is $8000. As always you can choose to allocate larger stipends to fewer students.


The firm deadlines for receipt of appointment forms in the Graduate School are as follows.

  • Assistantships for Summer I: MAY 13
  • Assistantships for Summer II: MAY 13
  • Assistantships for Fall or for the Academic Year: May 13 (for continuing students) or JULY 29 (for new students)
  • Assistantships for the Spring: DECEMBER 9

All funds not committed to a confirmed student (with a Banner ID) are subject to reallocation. There will be no extensions for the December deadline, so programs should work with new admits to confirm early.

Requirements for Hiring Graduate Assistants

Here are the overarching requirements (no changes):

  • Graduate School funds not allocated by the deadlines are subject to reallocation or reversion.
  • Students must be in good standing (3.0 GPA, fewer than 4 C-level grades, no F/U grades).
  • Students who were admitted provisionally cannot receive funds in their first term of enrollment. They ARE eligible for later terms, just not the first one.
  • Students must be enrolled in a degree program on campus (non-degree, licensure-only, and certificate-only students are not eligible).
  • Students in positions needing to be instructor of record or access to the faculty portal MUST have completed 18 graduate hours. Students with less than 18 hours completed may still be TAs, but a faculty member must assume primary responsibility for the course as instructor of record.

Additional rules for Summer Assistantships

  • Salary for a 20-hour assistantship in a five-week summer term is $1500. These assistantships may be allocated as either full (20 hours per week) or half (10 hours per week).
  • Students must be enrolled in the term of the assistantship for a minimum of 2 hours. The enrollment can be any graduate level work, including 5989/7989. The funding for these assistantships is allocated based upon last summer's graduate enrollment. The intention is to assist students who need to enroll, and the salary has been set to offset tuition and fee costs for out-of-state students (even with tax withheld).
  • Dates of work: Summer 1 is 50 (half) or 100 (full) hours total between June 1 -June 30; Summer 2 is July 1-July 31 (combine for the entire summer). Don't forget that your department will be responsible for paying extra if the student works more hours.

Additional Rules for Academic Year Assistantships

  • Minimum enrollment for a semester is 9 hours. Exceptions to this rule for assistantships (Note exceptions on the appointment form) are as follows. Please request this exception by including a note with the signed form.
  1. Students in their final semester may hold assistantships with 6 hours of enrollment.
  2. Students who are GTAs for multiple sections of general education courses may be eligible for a reduction to 6 hours.
  3. Students who are doctoral research associates may hold assistantships with 6 hours.
Students falling under an exception should be reminded that less than 9 hours is NOT considered full-time and that unless they pay the health services fee, they will not have access. The six-hour exceptions do NOT apply to NC Tuition Scholarships; there are no exceptions will be made to the requirement of being full-time for NCTS funds. Up to 3 hours of enrollment in any term may be 5989/7989 Graduate Research. These assistantships may be allocated as full (20 hours per week) or half (10 hours per week). The minimum assistantship salary for 20 hours in one semester (15 weeks) depends on the base ($8000 base = $4000/semester or $13.33/hour; $9000 base = $4500 per semester or $15/hour). Departments may choose to award fewer assistantships at higher salaries. Dates of work: Fall/Spring semester work timeframe is 150 (half) or 300 (full) hours total between the first class day and last day of finals. Don't forget that your department will be responsible for paying extra if the student works more hours.

Requirements for Awarding NC Tuition Scholarships

  • Students MUST have a GRA or GTA graduate assistantship of at least $2000. GAs are not eligible.
  • Students must maintain a 3.4 GPA; there will be no exceptions to this rule (we do not round GPA). Incoming/new students must have a 3.4 GPA from the previous degree to be eligible.
  • These scholarships cover the out-of-state differential in tuition. This is the single biggest award we give, so please use them to entice your best non-NC students! Students must be classified as out-of-state to receive the award.
  • Awards cannot be subdivided beyond awarding them term-by-term. We strongly advise departments to award the scholarships for the entire academic year. OR award all as one semester awards in the Fall.
  • Students may receive this award for no more than 4 semesters in their ENTIRE graduate career at Appalachian.
  • Please see the graduate school "student" page for some pointers on residency.

Suggestions for Offering Funding to New Students:

  • Nationally, data show that students typically accept the first offer of admission that has a significant financial award attached, so we recommend making your offers early.
  • We would be happy to enclose your offer of funding (suggestion: put it in a "welcome" letter) with our letter offering admission. If you want to do that let our Admissions Team know, and send over the letters when you submit your recommendation in Admission Pros.

We encourage you to attach a deadline (no earlier than April 15, please) to your offer of funding, and also if you wish, your offer of admission. Please give the student a reasonable length of time to decide.

Special note about international students

Unless you find a student who is funded separately (Muskie, Fulbright, etc.), it will probably not be economically feasible for the international student to attend without support in the form of a NC Tuition Scholarship and Assistantship. International students must provide evidence of funding for the full cost of one year's attendance, approximately $24,000, in order to get a student visa. The earlier you can admit an international student the better, since there is no on-campus housing and so the student will need to look for housing while arranging to attend.

Reminders about Federal Financial Aid (Stafford and PLUS Loans)

  • Students may receive financial aid provided they are enrolled at least half time (4.5 hours). However, most students prefer to borrow the larger amount available to full-time enrolled students.
  • Tell all students to submit the FAFSA form (government online form) by MAY 1, because there is some state funded need-based aid for in-state students with that FAFSA deadline. That aid is determined and distributed by our office of financial aid, and cannot be applied for except by submitting the FAFSA on time.
  • A course must be on the program of study to be eligible for financial aid; for example, 5989/7989 Graduate Research may NOT count towards financial aid hours.
  • Financial Aid will ONLY consider hours for which the student has registered by the end of drop/add. Don't hold back on sending special course forms through!
  • While undergraduate courses are not considered "clear progress toward the graduate degree," students who need undergraduate prerequisites for the degree can still count them in financial aid enrollment provided the Office of Financial Aid has documentation from the program director or chair indicating why the undergraduate enrollment is needed for the student's graduate degree.
  • Courses that are not approved to be repeated for credit can not be repeated for credit on a program of study to pad out enrollment for financial aid. This includes thesis credit beyond the approved limit.
  • Students also seeking graduate certificates need to submit an approved copy of their certificate program to Financial Aid in order to be sure those courses will count in their funding package.

Directions for Completing Nomination and Appointment Forms

The forms are available on the graduate school forms website.

Please Note: 

  1. Make sure to choose the correct form that pertains to the postion the perspective member is applying towards (under Assistantship Forms Request)
  2. This is a Requestan Application

Tuition Scholarship Nomination Form

If nominating students for a tuition scholarship please use this link graduate school forms website.  and it is located under "Assistantships and Fellowship Forms". Be sure to give us a good mailing address; the address in Banner is not always up to date.  Note that most of our funding for tuition scholarships are reserved for teaching and research assistants, so we may not be able to honor nominations for GAs.

Guidelines for FOAP and POS#:

  • For the graduate school allocation to departments with degree programs, there is no need to provide budget information.
  • If you are spending state funds from an academic program (1XXXXX fund number AND 101/102 Program), use the following account numbers: 613150 for TA, 613175 for GAA, and 613190 for GRA. We will need to have an existing position number provided to us for these accounts.
  • If you are spending state funds from an administration program (1XXXXX fund number and Program >109), use the following account numbers: 611155 for TA, 611175 for GAA, and 611190 for GRA. We will need to have an existing position number provided to us for these accounts.
  • If you are spending non-state funds (2XXXXX, 3XXXXX, or 5XXXXX), use the following account numbers: 611155 for GTA, 611175 for GAA, and 611190 for GRA. We can create the appropriate position number for these accounts. No need to provide one unless you know that one already exists.