Suspension and Probationary Terms

Students who are not in good standing (good standing = 3.0 GPA, no failing grades, fewer than 4 C-level grades) are suspended from graduate study at Appalachian. A probationary term IS NOT guaranteed, and must be requested.

Note: Suspensions based on academic standing are processed at the end of each term. Grades changed during the term (by the course instructor or as a result of an Incomplete rolling to a F or U) will not impact academic standing until the end of the term in which it was changed. 

If the students contact us, we will refer them to the program director or chair, since that is where a request to return on probation must start.

How to request (or not) a term on probation for a student:

  1. Student is sent an email shortly after the end of the term. Program Directors and/or Department Chairs are notified as well via a copy of the email.
  2. If the student is clearly capable of recovering in ONE semester, then the department can request a term on probation -- keeping in mind that only one probationary term will be granted, and that anyone admitted provisionally already used up the probationary term in the first term.
  3. Beginning Summer 2016, programs should use the Probation Contract to request the probationary period. Please provide a brief rationale and be sure to specify which term the student will be probationary (where summer terms can count individually or be combined as one semester -- that is up to the department).

In general if the student was not a provisional admit and has not been probationary before, we will honor your request. If granted, the student and program will receive the email (text below). Note in particular that there are assistantship, scholarship, and financial aid ramifications to being on probation.

If the department does NOT support a term of probation, then please let us know (email is fine) and we will let the student know that (s)he has the right to appeal to the appeals committee of the Graduate Council.

Email that the students receive:

XXXXXX has permission to return to graduate school in <TERM> under probation.

The Graduate School will set the flags in the Banner student system to allow the student to register under probationary status.

The program faculty should inform the student and work with the student to review the requirements:

(1) By the end of the probationary term, the student must have achieved good standing. Good standing is defined as minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, no grades of U/F/*F, and fewer than 4 C-level grades. Please note that only one course may be repeated to change a grade during the student's program, and any course with a grade of F *must* be taken care of by the end of the probationary term. In addition, the program can impose and enforce other conditions, such as required regular advising, a specific grade in a course taken in the semester on probation, etc. If so, please inform the student and let me know what these conditions are for our files.

(2) Probationary students may not hold a graduate assistantship, NC Tuition Scholarship or Graduate Fellowship; those formal titles require that the student be in good standing. Student-temp employment may be possible, depending upon the funding source.

(3) Probationary students are not automatically considered to be making adequate academic progress, and so the student may need to work with financial aid to submit a petition requesting to restore any loans or grants. Note: That petition will require a written plan of action for success endorsed by the program.

(4) I strongly encourage the student's advisor to work with the student to devise a written plan of action for success since *a second term on probation will not be granted*.