Preparing a proposal to create, change, or delete courses

Here are some questions to think about when preparing proposals for curriculum changes. Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School with questions.

Approvals Needed

Graduate course proposals need to be approved by the department and then the academic college or school. From there the college/school staff will submit the proposals to the Graduate AP&P (formerly known as the Graduate Council).

If the course change results in a program change related to preK-12 education, then the proposal will also have to go to Teacher Education Council prior to Graduate AP&P.

Deleting Courses (Use AP&P Form Part A)

  • Have you checked to see if the courses are required or suggested electives in other programs? You can search the graduate bulletin website for the course prefix / number to check. Be sure to contact every department listing the course.
  • Will deleting the course change a program of study (i.e., is the course a requirement or elective choice for a degree or certificate)? If so, submit current and proposed programs of study.
  • Is the course dual-listed? Be sure to clarify exactly what is being deleted.
  • Are you deleting a list of courses all for a similar reason? Then put them all on one AP&P proposal form.

Adding New Courses (Use AP&P Form Parts A&B)

New courses require an AP&P form (one course per form), with all pages completed and a syllabus attached.

  • Will adding the course change a program of study (i.e., is the course going to be a requirement or elective choice for a degree or certificate)? If so, submit current and proposed programs.
  • Here is a list of details to think about when designing a new course:
    • Have you checked with the Registrar's Office to find out what acceptable numbers are? Course numbers are not reused to be sure that transcripts print correctly regardless of how long ago the student was enrolled.
    • Can your title be 24 characters or less? If not it will be abbreviated in Banner and on transcripts so be sure to indicate your preferred abbreviation.
    • What type of grading do you want to use? A-F or S/U? Keep in mind that S/U does not impact GPA, but a U will suspend a graduate student. Also, there are no grades at the D level for graduate students.
    • What activity type will the course be? Lecture, Seminar, Lab, Studio, Internship, Research, Practicum?
    • What are the terms of offering? While it is not mandatory to follow them students and advisors find it very helpful for planning programs of study, especially if the course is open to other majors.
    • How many semester hours? Variable credit? Repeatable for credit? If repeatable, what is the maximum allowed for credit?
    • Will there be pre- or co-requisites? If any are in another department, have you contacted that department? Know that the Graduate School does not enforce pre- or co-requisites.
    • Will there be special course fees?

Dual-Listed Courses

Will the course be dual-listed? If so, you may currently choose to either submit two syllabi, one for each course level (4XXX and 5XXX) or one combined syllabus that includes both courses.  Either way, a cover sheet must be attached highlighting the differences between the undergraduate and graduate syllabi. The extra depth and rigor of the graduate experience must be clear from the syllabi.  Please note that one extra test or assignment is unlikely to be viewed as increased depth and rigor by the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee. Consider the following questions:

  • What additional learning outcomes are anticipated for graduate students?
  • Will graduate students have additional readings?
  • What additional assignments and assessments will be required of graduate students?
  • How would the assessment of the graduate assignments/activities reflect the more rigorous nature of the learning outcomes?

Finally, consider whether your intent in proposing the course could be better accomplished simply by proposing a graduate level course that undergraduate seniors could be permitted to take.

Changes to Courses

Changes range from simple (term of offering only) to complex (almost everything is being changed). When changing a course, be sure to think about the same details as when adding a new course.

When making major changes to multiple course components (title, number, credit, description, repeatability), it is almost always better to proceed by deleting the current course and adding a new one. Simple changes require only AP&P Form Part A.

  • Changing only the term of offering? As an FYI change, this can be done via a memo rather than the AP&P form.
  • Changing the prerequisites on a graduate course? Remember that if they are undergraduate courses, they are only enforced if the department does it and we will spell out the titles after the course numbers in the bulletin description to assist students who did not attend ASU as undergraduates.
  • Changing the title of a course? The number can stay the same provided that you will accept the course with the old title as equivalent for students who have already taken the course.
  • Changing the number of hours of the course? Making the course variable credit and/or repeatable? Be sure to contact the Registrar's Office to find out whether this will require a new number or not (again - we need to be sure legacy data prints correctly on transcripts).
  • Will changing the course title or hours change a program of study (i.e., is the course a requirement or elective choice for a degree or certificate)? If so, submit current and proposed programs.
  • Updating the bulletin description? This one requires a judgment call. If you are making minor modifications to wording but not intent (modernizing language, fixing typos), then you do not have to include a syllabus and retaining the same number/title is acceptable.

Changes to a Program of Study

Changes to a program of study should be documented in an attached Word document using Word's "Track Changes" function. Please paste the POS copy from the current bulletin and use "track changes" to edit the POS.