Admission Application Screening

After an applicant presses submit and pays the application fee, the graduate school admissions staff do the following:

  1. Check the loose files for any paperwork received via mail. Check the online database for any electronic test scores. Note that until the applicant pays, we do not start to build an individual file.
  2. Review the materials for safety screening as mandated by the UNC BOG policy. This check can take up to 10-14 days depending on the timing and complexity of the application.
  • Check the resume for any gaps in education/employment of more than 4 months in the last 5 years, and follow up with the applicant for an explanation.
  • Check the transcripts received and the National Student Clearinghouse Database of enrollment for all colleges and schools attended by the applicant since graduation from high school, and follow up with the applicant regarding any attendance not reported. Transcripts are required for all colleges and schools attended since high school. (Bad behavior doesn't transfer!)
  • Check against the UNC suspension/expulsion database. Applicants who are in this database are required to demonstrate that they are eligible for enrollment, i.e., that they have cleared all sanctions.
  • For any student who left a graduate program without completing it, we require documentation that the student left without pending student conduct actions.
  • Any applicant who answered yes to one of the community standards (criminal background) questions must complete the official Certiphi criminal background check submission, and we review that information.
  • If there is no pattern of bad behavior AND no violent behavior AND no recent bad behavior (i.e., everything is over and done with for two years), the graduate school reviews the situation and can "clear" the student, allowing admission to proceed.
  • Otherwise the graduate school requests additional materials from the applicant, including court documents, personal statements, attorney/parole officer letters, etc., and all documents are presented to the safety screening committee for a recommendation. The current practice in the graduate school is to honor all recommendations made by the committee.
Once all of the work above is complete, and all documents required for the application are received, the graduate school staff will refer the application to the department for its recommendation through Slate. Once the department recommendation is received within Slate, we confirm that the recommendation is appropriate, specifically we check to be sure an admission recommmendation meets regular admission standards, and we send the admission (or rejection) letter.