Program Director Handbook

Program Director Meetings and Workshops

During the 2019-2020 academic year, graduate program directors are invited to attend the following monthly meeting. All will be held from 3:30 - 5:00 in Plemmons Student Union Room 102 (Watauga River Room).

Program Director Workshops will also be held throughout the year. The next scheduled workshops are TBD. 

Program Director Roles and Responsibilities

The Graduate Program Director serves as the primary point of contact for the graduate program. In this capacity, the director is responsible for:

  • promoting excellence in graduate education at the program and department level
  • advocating for graduate students in the program
  • coordinate the program's efforts in the recruitment of graduate students in collaboration with the Graduate School and, if applicable, the Office of Distance Education
  • monitoring the academic progress of students related to the approved program of study
  • acting as the liaison between the program faculty and students, and the School of Graduate Studies staff and administration
  • representing the program on graduate committees and meetings
  • informing students and faculty of Graduate School policies as noted in the Graduate Bulletin
  • ensuring that program and department policies and procedures are aligned with those established by the Graduate School and Graduate AP&P
  • communicating events, opportunities, and workshops relevant to faculty, staff, and students
  • managing the review of applicants to the program
  • initiatiating changes to the graduate curriculum and shepherding proposals through the Graduate AP&P approval process
  • submitting necessary forms and approvals related to graduate policies and procedures
  • nominating graduate students for awards, fellowhships, and assistantships
  • fulfilling other duties related to graduate education as assigned by the chair of the department


Student Funding and Support

Enrollment, Program of Study, Graduation


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