Submitting POS Information

Until pre-registration opens in Spring 2013 (late March), you can continue to submit programs using the old POS and POS change forms.

To use the new process:

Basic Tenets:

  • The "default" curriculum for your program is whatever is in DW. We can continue to customize advice as you work with students.
  • The POS for any student is the Degreeworks worksheet. (NOTE: This is NOT true at the undergrad level.)
  • Until we hear otherwise from you (and we must hear before the student is 50% complete), the assumption will be that the student is following the default curriculum.
  • Courses that are listed as fall-through are assumed to be *additional* elective hours over the minimum required for the program.

Two ways to request POS approval:

  1. If the student will follow the default curriculum -- i.e., all required courses will be taken and all electives will be selected from the pre-defined lists in DW -- then you can send email to listing the following info: student name, banner ID, term of entry, concentration (if applicable), and extension campus code (if applicable). This can be done in batch for lists of students.
  2. If the student's DW worksheet needs customization -- i.e., some specific courses are being subbed or unlisted electives are being approved -- then you can send a (separate) program customization form (PDF, 122 KB) for each affected student. Note: This process can be used for both initial approval and changes. This form can be emailed OR printed signed and sent over in campus mail (BOX 32068). Unless we hear otherwise from the department, we will take forms and emails ONLY from program directors or chairs.