Late or delayed graduation

Sometimes students don't get everything done by the official date of graduation (which is the "ontime" deadline to have absolutely everything complete and still graduate). The student may or may not be able to graduate in the intended semester when this happens.

The general rule of thumb: If every requirement is complete by 5 PM on the last working day before the start of the next semester (summer semester = the 10 weeks formed by SS1 and SS2), the graduation can still be processed.

Common situations causing late (same term) or delayed (later term) graduation:

  • All requirements complete; missing paperwork: This is generally fixable, provided we get the paperwork asap. Two common situations:
    • The student forgot to apply to graduate: A late application must be submitted and paid (form on the grad school website). The program director will be asked to confirm that the student did indeed complete all course and noncourse requirements by the day before the start of the next term. Email to Robert Sanders is sufficient. One important note: Transcripts will be available as soon as we post degrees, but the cost of ordering a few late diplomas is a lot, and so the diploma will not be ordered until the next semester's order is placed.
    • Final paperwork (comps, PoL, change forms, etc.) did not arrive in our office: Once we get the paperwork, we will graduate the student. PLEASE SEND FORMS TO US USING OUR CAMPUS BOX (32068) even when using a campus mail envelope. Those are way less likely to go astray according to our trusty postal worker!
  • The student has an incomplete grade or has not completely cleared the thesis/dissertation process: If all of the work can be completed, graded, and cleared up by the day before the first day of the next term, the student can still graduate in the intended semester. (In the thesis/dissertation process this includes making all revisions, getting clearance to produce final copies, and submitting those copies to the graduate school for binding.) If this cannot be done, then the student must graduate in the next semester.

Consequences of delaying graduation for a semester:

  1. The student must submit a request to change graduation terms (and pay a fee to cover the new diploma). The form is on the grad school website.
  2. The student must be enrolled in the term of graduation (unwaivable state statute), so the change of graduation term will automatically generate enrollment in one hour of XXX 5989/7989, charged at the off campus (cheapest) rate. Please note that for instate students this costs around $170 and for out-of-state students this coste around $780!