Graduation and Commencement

Applying, graduation audits, and degree posting

Students must apply to graduate (form on the grad website), and the deadlines are the last working day of February (Spring), June (Summer), and September (Fall). This application prompts us to do a pre-audit of the student's program and send an email listing all shortages.

Please tell students to apply and also tell them to check their emails.

Student's programs are checked again right near the end of the term, and then again after the official date of graduation. We plan on posting degrees to Banner 10 working days after grades roll and final GPAs are updated (which cannot happen after the grading deadline, and can be delayed if faculty don't turn their grades in).

Important: If the student owes money, we cannot release diplomas and the Registrar will not send transcripts until the account is cleared up.

Deadlines to have all work complete

The deadline to complete requirements for graduation in any semester (summer semester = the 10 weeks of SS1 + SS2) is the official date of graduation. The rule of thumb for estimating that date:

Summer: last class day of SS2
Fall: Sunday of commencement weekend
Spring: Sunday of commencement weekend
(yes, these dates are sometimes BEFORE faculty grades are due - go figure!)

If a student cannot meet that deadline, we can extend through the the last working day BEFORE the next semester begins. This can be a long time (several weeks between Fall and Spring) or a short time (sometimes only 10 days between Summer and Fall).

Students who do not meet all requirements by the last working day before the next term will be required to graduate in the next term. [more information on delaying graduation]

Walking at commencement and listing names in the program

We hope all graduates will participate in commencement, where each will be recognised on stage individually.  

Both Spring and Fall commencements are split by college:

  • Fall (Dec): CAS+UC+RCOE in one ceremony and FAA+WCOB+CHS+MUS in the other.
  • Spring (May): Each college hosts its own ceremony

We do not turn away anyone who comes to walk, but it is important to understand that we publish names in the program as follows: Spring graduates are listed in the Spring program; Summer and Fall graduates are listed in the Fall program. Students who graduate in August, but wish to walk in May can ask us to send them Fall commencement programs, in which their names will be published.