DegreeWorks for Faculty

For those who like a cheat sheet, we have created a Quick Reference (PDF, 328 KB) to download as well.

Navigating Degreeworks (DW)

How do I access DW?
You can log into DW through AppalNet using any Browser. Your username and password are required. If you are unable to log in, please email The DW staff in the Registrar's Office can assist with login issues.

How do I find students in DW?
On the main screen, you can enter in a student's Banner ID -- OR -- you can press the Find button (upper left corner of the screen), which will bring up the Find Students panel. While there are many options on this panel, we recommend either:

  • type in the student's name and press Search; OR
  • select the appropriate major (degree or certificate) from the All Major Codes pick-list (upper middle of the panel) and press search.

Once you have searched, a list of the students found will show at the bottom of the panel. Click OK to preload them into the audit screen's Name pick-list.

screen grab

What if a student is not in DegreeWorks?
Only students who entered graduate school in Fall 2009 or later and are enrolled in a degree or certificate program are in DW. Except for School Administration Add-on Licensure, audits for non-degree and licensure-only students are not displayed, because there is not a predefined curriculum scribed in DW for them.

What should I see when I look at a student's audit?
DW displays a student's program of study audit worksheet based on the program and course information in Banner and on the curriculum scribed in DW.

For degree-seeking students, you should see a degree block and a major block -- and a concentration block if your major requires a concentration. For certificate-seeking students, you should see a certificate block and a specific cert requirements block.

Green checks indicate complete requirements; blue tildas indicate in-progress requirements; empty red boxes indicate unmet requirements.

The student is in multiple programs (concentrations, majors, certificates), but I only see one listed.
Each program is listed on a separate audit screen. To change screens use the Degree picklist near the top of the screen as illustrated below. If the second program is not there, the second program may not have been approved yet. Contact if you believe there is an error.

screen grab

I see several special categories of courses at the bottom of the audit. What are those?
Any or all of the following may appear at the bottom of the audit.

  • Fallthrough: Courses that are counting as additional electives over the minimum required for the program.
  • Attempted: Courses that do not have passing grades (U, F, SP, UP, IP, I).
  • In-progress: Any course currently being taken or preregistered for.
  • Not Counted: Courses that violate a program of study requirement, such as limits on dual-listed courses, independent studies, selected topics courses, C-level grades.
  • Exceptions: Customizations applied to the student's program based on submitted program of study information.
  • Notes: Any comments made by the advisor, program director, or Graduate School such as undergraduate prerequisites or intentions to take transfer.

I want to make a note in DW. Can I do that?
Click on the Notes tab and you will see a side bar that includes Add Note. There is a picklist of predefined notes, but those are mainly for undergraduate advisors, so you can just enter freeform text. Be sure to save the note.

Can I get a term-by-term listing of courses taken from DW?
Use the Class History link at the top of the audit.

class history screen grab

I am working with a student who just registered and we need to look now rather than waiting until tomorrow for the data to refresh in the overnight process. Is there a way to grab the new information from Banner?
Yes, there is, but PLEASE only do this when absolutely necessary. Requesting refreshed Banner data slows down registration and other Banner processes for everyone. The refresh button is at the top of the audit worksheet.

refresh button screen grab

Interpreting DW and Requesting Changes

What if the major, concentration, certificate or minor is listed incorrectly?
DW is a front end for information in Banner, so DW displays only what is recorded as the official program(s). The information is updated each night, and so changes made today will be available for view tomorrow.

To change concentrations or add a minor, submit the Customize Graduate Program (PDF, 122 KB) form. To change majors or add new majors or certificates, submit the  Change of Program (PDF, 123 KB)  form.

The program of study approved box is not checked. How do we get a program of study approved?
Once the student and advisor have agreed on the program of study, it needs to be submitted to the Graduate School for final approval and processing. Please use the Customize Graduate Program (PDF, 122 KB) form. The graduate records staff will update Banner and DW after approval.

The program requirements don't look quite right. What could be wrong?
Double check the catalog year listed on the black header bar for the major. If that is the problem and you wish to change the catalog year, please use the Customize Graduate Program (PDF, 122 KB) form.

It may also be the case that some programmatic edits were made in DW since the student's audit was run last. You can update the audit using the Process New button at the top of the audit.

process new screen grab

If this does not correct the issue, notify the Graduate Records staff ( with specific information including the student's name, major, Banner ID, and where on the audit that the error was noticed.

Courses approved to meet a program requirement are "falling through" to the bottom of the audit. How do we fix that?
If you and the student are planning on taking electives not already listed as pre-approved in DW, please submit the Customize Graduate Program (PDF, 122 KB) form.

How do we make a substitution for a required course in the program (major or concentration)?
If you and the student wish to request to substitute a required course, please submit the Customize Graduate Program (PDF, 122 KB) form.

The student is taking transfer credit to satisfy some requirements. I don't see where transfer credit is displayed.
Transfer credit will be entered into Banner (and thus in DW) once an official transcript showing acceptable grades has been received in the Graduate School. Until then, any transfer planned will be referenced in a note at the bottom of the audit.

What if I see an error in the audit?
Notify the Graduate Records staff ( with specific information including the student's name, major, Banner ID, and where on the audit that the error was noticed.