Graduate Faculty Qualifications

Qualifications for Graduate Faculty Membership

  • The highest degree (PhD, EdD, MFA) in the discipline
  • Evidence of engagement in graduate education and research, including:
    • Evidence that the faculty member is staying current in the discipline
    • Evidence of effective teaching and mentoring at the graduate level; new faculty may include evidence of potential for effective teaching and mentoring

Affiliate membership may be granted in circumstances where the faculty member's credentials do not meet the above requirements, but professional or other academic experience equip the individual to teach a specific graduate class or classes.

Suggested credentials to document qualifications for Graduate Faculty Membership

Departments should consider these suggestions when recommending faculty for membership.

General Engagement in Graduate Education and Research

Typical Credentials (these should dominate)Atypical credentials (should not be listed in lieu of typical credentials)
Service on committees or councils or task forces relevant to graduate education at AppalachianService as referee or panelist for federal, state or private agency allocating research funds
Service on departmental graduate committeeLeadership in a regional or national professional organization germane to the discipline
Service on university-wide graduate and research awards committeesAttendance as department representative at graduate recruiting fair
Service on committee or task force to develop new graduate program or certificatePresentation on "how to apply to graduate school" for student organization or class
Service as graduate program director or coordinator 
Service as graduate advisor of record 
Service on departmental graduate admissions committee 
Service on departmental graduate awards committee 
Leadership in statewide, regional, or national organizations focused on graduate education 
Service on statewide, regional, or national committees for graduate awards 

Staying Current in the Discipline

Typical Credentials (these should dominate)Atypical credentials (should not be listed in lieu of typical credentials)
Refereed scholarly articles and reportsBook reviews in professional journals
Books and monographsConference session organized and chaired
Book chaptersService as conference program chair
Funded external grants and contracts on which faculty member is the PI or co-PIFunded external grants and contracts on which faculty member is participant but not PI or co-PI
Juried creative activities or performancesFunded internal research proposal
Published playscripts or compositionsSelf-published or self-produced creative work
Invited recitals or performancesProduction assistance on student performances
Refereed papers presented at learned or professional meetings, symposia, conferencesUnfunded grant proposals with high scores
Invited keynote address to disciplinary or professional organizationRegular newspaper or journal column with state-wide or regional circulation
Published abstracts and conference proceedings (not duplicative of papers presented)Expert witness testimony
Departmental, college, or university awards for outstanding researchInvited talks to community groups
Intellectual property disclosuresArticles currently under review
External awards (professional organizations, scholarly societies) for researchConference presentations under review
Scholarly editionsWorkshops attended in discipline
Editions of essay collections 
Serving on editorial boards for disciplinary publications 
Serving as reviewers for grant proposals in the discipline 

Effective Teaching and Mentoring at the Graduate Level

Typical Credentials (these should dominate)Atypical credentials (should not be listed in lieu of typical credentials)
Graduate courses taught (including evaluations)Guest lecture(s) in graduate course(s)
New graduate course(s) developedService on thesis or dissertation committees
Master's theses and/or doctoral dissertations chairedGeneral supervision of research assistants
Products of learning directedPresentation(s) at workshop(s) for graduate students
Capstone or culminating graduate research projects directedPresentation at graduate student orientation
Evidence of effective graduate research mentoring (student publications and/or presentations, student research awards)Faculty evaluation of graduate teaching assistants
Co-author with graduate student on published research or major conference presentation 
Service on graduate advisory, examining, and reading committees 
Evidence of effective mentoring of graduate students in teaching (GTA award for protégée) 
Departmental, college, or university awards for graduate teaching and mentoring 
Service as graduate teaching assistants coordinator 
Service on master's thesis or doctoral dissertation committees at other institutions 
Management and supervision of graduate internship programs