Residency for Tuition Purposes

Beginning June 25th, 2018, all residency decisions will be handled by the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS). All graduate applicants who intend to claim residency in North Carolina must complete the online RDS form, which will generate an RCN number that represents the residency determination for that applicant. ALL applicants must provide the RCN in the online application to graduate school. For more information about this process or to review the criteria considered when making a residency determination, please go to: 

For those who want to appeal the decision made or if changes occur in an applicant's/student's residency status, RDS will provide you with instructions on how to request a reconsidertation or an appeal of a residency decision. More information on reconsideration and appeals can be found through the above link.

Note: Reconsideration and appeals for students who are in the military or veterans will still be conducted by the Registrar's Office at Appalachian State. Questions about this  should be directed to