As-U-R Student Support Graduate Mentor

Graduate Assistantship

Overview of Position
College STAR (Supporting Transition, Access, and Retention: A UNC System Project Supporting Students with Learning Differences) is a collaborative project designed to enable participating universities to help our campuses become welcoming environments for students with learning differences. This initiative is designed to reach students with formally-identified disabilities (specifically, learning disabilities and AD/HD) as well as students who do not have a disability label, but who may benefit from instructional understandings and strategies designed for students who learn differently from what is most typical. Appalachian's College STAR program, As-U-R, specifically targets students who struggle with executive functioning tasks, such as planning, organizing, self-monitoring, etc. As-U-R is a special population that is served within the Student Learning Center, through our satellite office is located within Edwin Duncan 213.

This position allows flexibility in creating your own hours with your caseload of students. Graduate assistants provide intensive weekly academic assistance to As-U-R students. This includes providing creative solutions for struggling students, organization assistance, weekly  planning, and accountability.

  • Provide academic assistance to As-U-R students
  • Maintain a regular caseload of As-U-R students each semester
  • Teach appropriate academic learning strategies
  • Connect students with other campus resources
  • Communicate with As-U-R Director daily about student progress
  • Monitor Study Central activity
  • Assist students with planning and organization
  • Maintain documentation of As-U-R students
  • Encourage academic independence and provide student accountability

Executive Function Challenges are often a result of an identified learning difference, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or anxiety or depression. As a result, students with experience working with diverse learners are encouraged to apply.

2 positions at $15.00/hour (or $4,500 for the semester) for 10, 15, or 20 hours per week.

To Apply
Please attach a resume and cover letter in email to Ellen Bunn, As-U-R  Director.

Contact Name: 
Ellen Bunn
Contact Email: 
Expiration Date: 
Wednesday, May 19, 2021