Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

This award was established to recognize graduate students in graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) who excel as instructors in undergraduate classes.  Awards for currently enrolled students will be processed via Student Accounts. Students who have graduated will receive a check in the mail.


Nomination by Wednesday, February 23, 2022;
Materials by Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Email Nominations to: Dr. Ross Gosky with SUBJECT LINE: Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

Application Information

Eligibility for GTA Nomination

Any graduate teaching assistant who is currently enrolled, and who taught a class or lab during the Fall or Spring semester of the current academic year.

Nomination Process

Send nominations for this award to the Graduate School via email. Nominated students will be informed of the nomination and invited to submit an application, which will include supporting materials and letters of support.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be judged initially on the basis of the documentation provided by the department relative to the student's achievement as a teacher. Finalists for the awards may be interviewed and/or observed in the classroom by the members of the Committee. The following is a list of specific items that should be included in the supporting material:

  • A list of courses taught by the GTA;
  • Evaluation by students (optional);
  • Evaluation by faculty members;
  • Evidence of course development, including syllabi and educational material prepared by the GTA;
  • A statement of teaching philosophy (optional);
  • Evidence of teaching efforts outside the classroom (optional).


Appalachian State University Foundation

Past Recipients

2020-2021: Val Lapensée-Rankine, Computer Science

2019-2020: John Ribes, Student Affairs Administration

2018-2019: Amy Litterer, History

2017-2018: Jessica Swets, Psychology

2016-2017: Daniel George, Psychology

2015-2016: David Marvel, Music Performance

2014-2015: Miles Britton, English

2014: Amanda Finn; English

2013: Kristen Deamin; Appalachian Studies

2012: Rafaella Sale, Psychology; April L. Walters, Appalachian Studies

2011: Kyle Austin, Psychology; Donna Corriher, Appalachian Studies

2010: Meredith Doster, Appalachian Studies

2009: Anna Petroff, Psychology

2008: Andrew Smith, Psychology

2007: Jennifer N. DeStefano, Psychology; Lucinda O. Payne, Psychology

2006: J Rudine, Psychology

2005: Sara Keisler, Psychology

2004: Gustavo Araujo, Psychology; James W. Reynolds, English; Anne-Marie Suddreth, Psychology

2003: Krista Konrad, Psychology; Emily Miller, English; Hayley Shilling, Psychology

2002: Kelley Dickerson, English; Robert Hamby, Psychology; Beth Leysieffer, English

2001: Jill Masten-Byers, Human Development & Psychological Counseling; Alma Scoby, Psychology; Matthew Williams, English

2000: Bryce Durbin, History; Joni Hoke, English; Megan Pinkston, Psychology

1999: Pamela Slaydon, English; Nestor Lopez, Psychology; Renee Evans, Human Development & Psychological Counseling

1998: Michele Croteau, English; Cindy Van Riper, Human Development & Psychological Counseling; Amy Walter, English

1997: Melissa Lakey, Psychology; Ashley Nation, English; Kent Rothrock, Geography & Planning

1996: Gail Forsyth, Language, Reading & Exceptionalities; Dawn Thomas, Psychology; Amy Tilly, English

1995: Mark Heglin, Geography & Planning; Jeff Dyche, Psychology; Suzanne Shaut, English

1994: Shelly Turlington, Psychology; Shirley Unsworth, English; Adam Wolf, Geography & Planning

1993: Mary DeKalb, English; Laurel Parsons, Sociology; Kirsten Schoonmaker-Bryant, Human Development & Psychological Counseling