Dual Degree Programs

The purpose of a dual degree program is to allow students to complete two complementary graduate degree programs simultaneously through a prearranged curriculum plan that meets the requirements of both degree programs, while allowing for dual credit for a specified set of shared courses. The complete policy for dual degree program enrollment can be found in the current graduate bulletin at bulletin.appstate.edu by selecting "List of Academic Policies" in the left-hand bulletin menu and then clicking on 'Dual Degree' in the list on the page.

The following dual degree programs have been formally established through the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee. To apply to these specially designated dual degree programs, you will need to take special steps in the online application for Degrees and Certificates. You will need to indicate that you do you want to apply for more than program in Application Plans section of the Program Information page of the online application. You will then see a section for Multiple Program Options. In this section, select "Yes" for the first question regarding dual (concurrent) enrollment, then select "a dual degree program" for the response to I want to apply to. You will then be given the options below from which to make your dual degree program selection.

Clinical Psychology, PsyD and Psychology - Clinical Concentration, MA

Appalachian is establishing a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program, with a primary goal to train students in clinical psychology to serve rural populations and will begin admitting students in fall 2019. Students who enroll in the PsyD program will earn their Master of Arts degree in Psychology with a clinicial concentration en route to the doctorate. (Applicants must indicate an intent for dual enrollment in order to apply for the Clincial Psychology, PsyD program.)

Educational Leadership - Educational Administration, EdD and Educational Administration, EdS

The Educational Administration EdD and EdS dual degree program of study has been designed so that the specialist coursework will satisfy the concentration requirements within the doctorate program.

Educational Leadership - Higher Education Concentration, EdD and Higher Education - Community College & University Leadership Concentration, EdS

This dual degree EdD and EdS program of study with an emphasis in higher education leadership has been structured to have the specialist coursework fulfill the concentration requirements within the doctorate program.

School Psychology, SSP/MA

Through the School Psychology program, students will earn both a Master of Arts and a Specialist in School Psychology. The program provides learning experiences grounded in the scientist-practitioner model that enable our students to become well-rounded, effective school psychologists.

Business Administration - Interdisciplinary Business Concentration, MBA and Public Administration - Public Management Concentration, MPA

The MBA program is ideal for students wanting to complete two master's degrees simultaneously and has now established this 60-hour dual degree curriculum.

Library Science, MLS and Educational Media - Instructional Technology Specialist/K-12 Concentration, MA

This online dual degree program is designed for students with an interest in working in public schools by providing access to obtain certification in the areas of instructional technology specialist, media coordinator, or public librarian.

Mathematics - College Teaching Concentration, MA and Engineering Physics - Systems and Laboratory Automation Concentration, MS

This 54-hour dual degree program provides students with the opportunity to combine their skils in mathematics and engineering physics.