Peace Corps Master's International (MI) Program: MS in Technology

Appalachian is pleased to offer a master's program to people interested in pursuing a graduate degree while serving to better the global community.

The MS Technology program focuses on sustainable technologies, with an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Students successfully admitted to the MI program will complete two semesters of coursework at Appalachian before beginning their Peace Corps service. Nine hours of coursework will be completed while in the Peace Corps. Students will then return to Appalachian to finish their last semester of study.

The program listed above has Master's International status at Appalachian. Students who are interested in pursuing this program should apply to the program and the Peace Corps at the same time.

The MI Application Process

Interested persons should fill out the online application for graduate studies at Appalachian. Be sure to write that you are interested in the Master's International Program on the signature page that you mail to Appalachian's Graduate School.

To submit your Peace Corps application, go to Two to three weeks after submission of your application, a Peace Corps recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview. Alternatively, you can contact your local Peace Corps recruiter to initiate the Peace Corps application process. For a list of Peace Corps recruiting offices, go to You should be prepared to tell the recruiter the MI program(s) and school(s) to which you are applying as well as the estimated date of availability for Peace Corps service (in most cases one year after starting in graduate school).

For more information please contact:
Dr. Marie Hoepfl, Program Director, Department of Technology and Environmental Design (828.262.3122,
Mr. Dontrell Parson, Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruiting (828.262.2130,, for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I am already enrolled in a graduate program at Appalachian. Can I be admitted to the MI program?

A: Students who are already accepted or enrolled in the above program should contact Dontrell Parson, Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruiting (828.262.2130, about becoming an MI student. These cases will be handled on an individual basis.

  • Q: How does the application review process work?

A: Your application to the graduate school will be reviewed independent of your Peace Corps application; if you are recommended by the graduate admission committee for the graduate program, you will be tentatively accepted into the program. A copy of your admission letter will be sent to the Peace Corps. When the Peace Corps nominates you as a volunteer, you will be officially accepted as an MI Student.

  • Q: If I am not accepted to the Peace Corps, can I still be in the MI program?

A: No. However, you can still major in the program here at Appalachian provided you are accepted into that program. You can apply again to volunteer in the Peace Corps upon completion of your degree.

  • Q: What happens if I am not successful or fall behind in my coursework?

A: The Peace Corps reserves the right to withdraw the nomination for service of any student who does not complete the curricular requirements.

  • Q: I don't want to major in the above program; can I still be a Peace Corps volunteer?

A: Yes. Appalachian is only authorized to offer the above program as an MI program. However, there are many majors available at other universities. Please see the Peace Corps website,, for a complete listing.

  • Q: Where can I read more about the Peace Corps and the MI Program?

A: The Peace Corps website has lots of information: You can call the Peace Corps MI office or send an e-mail for more information (800.424.8580 ext. 1812, You can also contact Dontrell Parson, Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruiting (828.262.2130,