Graduate & Professional Schools Fair Information for Recruiters

Graduate & Professional Schools Fair

October 5
Grandfather Mountain Ballroom, Plemmons Student Union
Recruiters Registration: 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Fair: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Information for Graduate and Professional School Representatives

Parking & Directions

  • For general directions to Boone, you can use one of the GPS Physical Addresses notes below. Click here for a PDF map of the campus.
  • Please drop off your materials at the entrance of the College Street Parking Deck where staff and students will be waiting to help unload your materials and take them into the Union while you park. (GPS Physical Address: 162 College Street, Boone, NC 28608.)
  • The number of spaces in the College Street Parking Deck is limited so some recruiters may be redirected to the Rivers Street Parking Deck once materials are unloaded. (GPS Physical Address: 461 Rivers Street, Boone, NC 28608.)  You will not need a pass to enter the Rivers Street Parking deck, just take a ticket at the deck entrance and turn that ticket in with your pass at the end of the day when you exit the deck. 
  • If you are instructed to park in the Rivers Street  Parking deck, simply request a parking pass when you check in at the fair so you will not have to pay any parking fees when you leave the deck at the end of the day.
  • Late Arrivals (after 10:30 am): You may park in the College Street - Library Parking Deck's thirty-minute, visitor parking to unload your materials if you run late. Please let the staff know when you check in that you are parked in the Library Deck so that we can have someone help you get parked in the Rivers Street Parking Deck and then back to the Student Union. If you are a late arrival and you need help parking, contact Dontrell Parson at 828-773-3461.

Shuttles (for late arrivals only)

  • A shuttle vehicle will provide transportation from the Library Parking Deck to another alternative parking location once you check into the Graduate and Professional Schools Fair. At the conclusion of the event, you will receive a ride back to your vehicle if necessary.

Walking from College Street Parking Deck

  • The College Street parking deck is about 100 yards  from the Plemmons Student Union.
  • Directions to Grandfather Mountain Ballroom are below.
    • Follow the sidewalk on the right all the way down the library entrance and take a left. (You will need to go down a few steps.)
    • Enter the Bookstore, keep walking straight through both sets of detectors.
    • Continue down the international hallway (area with flags hanging from the ceiling) and take a left after going through the open doors at the end of the hall.
    • You should see the Information Desk straight ahead and Cascades Cafe will be on your right.
    • Walk toward the Information Desk and turn right after the metal staircase.
    • Grandfather Mountain Ballroom is to the right of the Information Desk, just past the elevators.

Walking from Rivers Street Parking Deck (overflow and late arrivals)

  • The Rivers Street parking deck is about 300 yards - roughly the equivalent of 3 city blocks or 3 football fields - from the Student Union and the terrain between the deck and the union will be hilly. The weather is also very variable at this time of year.
  • Please keep this in mind when planning your attire for the day in case you have to park in the Rivers Street Parking Deck and plan to walk from the deck to the union.
  • Details on the route(s) you can take from the Rivers Street Parking Deck to the Plemmons Student Union are below.
    • Leave the parking deck via the second level to use the elevated walkway over the street.
    • The walkway continues on, connecting to the Roess Dining Hall.
    • If you need to avoid stairs and use ramps, you will want to follow the more indirect route on the map:
      • Use the handicap ramp (if needed) to go to the lower level entrance of the dining hall and then go through the dining hall itself.
      • On the far side of the dining hall, follow the walking paths uphill, angling to the right, to get to the ramp that leads up to the union in front of the bookstore.
      • There is an entrance to the right side of the bookstore rotunda.
      • Once inside the union go down the hallway to the intersection of the bookstore and the union.
      • Follow that hallway to the right, moving toward the end of the lower level and the Cascades Cafe.
      • There is an Information desk to the left outside of Cascades Cafe.
      •  Grandfather Mountain Ballroom is to the right from the Information Desk.
    • If you want to take stairs or do not mind stairs, you can follow the more direct (straight) route on the map:
      • Continue past and behind the Dining Hall. You should see a set of stairs with a sculpture at the top.
      • Take the steps up to the area with the sculpture. You will be facing a grassy area known as Sanford Mall and the Student Union when you get to the top of the stairs.
      • There is a sidewalk with a few steps that goes across Sanford Mall.
      • You will then go up some more steps to reach the entrance to union.
      • Once inside the main union area you should see a coffee shop to your left and open fire doors to the right.
      • Go to the right and you should see the Casades Cafe.
      • There is an Information desk to the left outside of Cascades Cafe.
      •  Grandfather Mountain Ballroom is to the right from the Information Desk.

 Additional Information

  • About Grandfather Mountain Ballroom
    • Frequently the room is reported as too cold or too warm by recruiters. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Due to energy savings initiatives the Student Union must use specific thermostat settings for the meeting rooms and cannot deviate from those settings. You may therefore want to have layers when you come just in case the room temperature changes throughout the day.
  • Refreshments
    • You will be provided a meal card to use at any of the Food Services locations on campus when you check-in during Registration and Set Up. Full details on the card will be in your registration packet.
    • Since we do ask that you stay at your table throughout the fair if at all possible, we will also provide bottled water and light snacks during the fair. One of our staff or volunteers will come around the room with these refreshments. You can also ask about the refreshments at any time if you want something more.
  • Travel Information
  • Hotel Information
    • As you may be aware, October is "Leaf Season" for the High Country. The Graduate School has a list of some hotels in Boone. For additional area accommodations, you can also visit the Boone Chamber of Commerce site or
  • Still have questions? 
    • Email or call Kelly Burkett at 828-262-2175.
    • If you need help on the day of the fair, please contact Kelly Burkett first at (828) 964-5930 and then try Dontrell Parson second at (828) 773-3461. If you are unable to reach of them, please call the main phone line for the School of Graduate Studies: 828-262-2130.