The department reviewer portal is available at:

This portal is designed to allow department faculty and staff to review applications for their graduate programs.

Who has access?

All faculty who need to review graduate admission applications. To gain access, please have the program director or department chair email Victoria Carlberg requesting access for you. If you are a new user, you will receive a form in email to complete, sign, and return to the Graduate School.

Who can help me if I cannot log in?

Please contact Dontrell Parson (email is best) so that he can double check that you have been granted access.

How do I forward the department recommendation to the Graduate School?

The official recommender role will be turned on in the middle of February -- until then, please email Dontrell Parson with your official department recommendation.

What if I cannot find something?

Please contact Dontrell Parson (email is best) so that he can follow up on the missing information for you. Because the changes to the interface were so large, some "legacy data" (information submitted before December 31, 2012), may not show for you and we may need to send it to you.

How do I navigate the site?

Once you log in you should see a set of tabs. Clicking on a tab will bring up a list of applications.

For example: If you click on the All Apps tab, you should see a list of all applicants (complete, incomplete, decisioned, in progress) for the current year (2013), which you can further filter as shown in the image below.

The most important tab for department faculty is Ready to Review. These are the applications awaiting an official department recommendation.

To look at an application, click on the NAME. To send email to an applicant, click on the EMAIL address.

screen grab of All Apps tab

What are the Reviews Complete and Reviewed by Department tabs?

Faculty/staff who do NOT have authority to submit official department recommendations: For applicants under the Ready to Review tab, you can enter a review into the portal (at the bottom of the application as shown below). This allows other faculty to see your recommendations, so a department committee could work through the portal instead of meeting. Once you submit your recommendation, the application will move from Ready to Review to the Reviews Complete tab.

NOT YET IMPLEMENTED - NO FACULTY HAS RECOMMENDATION AUTHORITY YET: Faculty/staff who HAVE authority to submit official department recommendations: For applicants under the Ready to Review tab, you have the ability to enter the official recommendation into the portal (at the bottom of the application as shown below). This action will move the application to the Reviewed by Department tab. This action puts your recommendation into the Graduate School's queue, and once we check to be sure the applicant is qualified for regular versus provisional admission, we will finalize the decision. You can tell when we did that because the application will move to the Decisioned tab.

screen grab for review screen

How do I read the application?

The portal is fairly self explanatory. Read on for a few tips.

  • Test Scores: Both the self-reported and official test scores will show, and the self-reported ones come first. Be sure you are looking at official scores when making decisions. Self-reported scores are there so that you can encourage applicants reporting strong scores to complete in time for fellowship consideration (March 10).
  • Transcripts: If we have them, they will show as linked in the first column of the table listing schools attended. See below - We do not yet have the Davidson CCC transcripts in this example

transcript tab screen grab

  • Documents (letters, transcripts, supplements): If we have them, they will be linked in the Additional Documents section of the application near the bottom. Remember that until the applicant submits and pays, we do NOT check for paper documents in our loose files.

additional documents screenshot

What are the meanings of the all these Application Statuses?

The new system more closely tracks exactly what is happening with the application:

  • In Progress: The applicant has started the online application, but has not yet entered all the information and pressed submit.
  • Submitted: The applicant has submitted, but we have not completed processing payment and checking through our files for any documents to attach to the application. Once we go through our files and reconcile the payment, we mark the application as...
  • Incomplete: The applicant has submitted and paid the online application and we have checked the materials we have received, but not all materials are received in our office. Also, we may be waiting for the National Student Clearinghouse and/or Criminal Background check.
  • Complete: The applicant has submitted and paid the online application, and we have confirmed that we have all materials. Once we double check that all uploaded documents are readable, we will mark the application as....
  • Ready for Review: The application is complete, double checked, and in the department queue to make a decision on. When you make an official decision, the status automatically changes to...
  • Reviewed by the Department: You have made an official recommendation and it is in our queue to finalize a decision.
  • Ready for Audit: You have made a recommendation, and we have made the decision. The final checking of all information is taking place.
  • Decisioned: The final checking is complete, and the applicant has access to the letter online.

What is no longer available with this new, simplified web interface?

  • To keep the system from being very slow, you will be able to see only the current year's applications. We will be creating department dashboards for you to run reports on applications from previous years. In the meantime, if you need to have lists of previous applicants, please email Anna Basnight with a description of the data you need. We can also provide email attachments
  • There is not yet a way to change your passwords, but this will be in place soon. In the meantime, you can change passwords via phone call to the Graduate School (Dontrell Parson, Victoria Carlberg, or Anna Basnight).
  • There is not yet a way to export a list of your applicants. You can copy and paste the table from the website into Excel, and Excel will automatically load the data in columns.