Provisional Admits /Departmental Minumum Tests and GPAs

Two years ago, the Graduate Council established a minimum Graduate School bar for unconditional admission. Provisional admission must always be applied to an admit who does not meet:

  • 3.0 GPA + TEST -- or --
  • 2.75 GPA + 25th %ile TEST

It is possible to request that we use the last 60 hour GPA instead, but we will not automatically check this, so you must let gradadmissions know. Departments can also ask for provisional status for any student who does meet both of these bars, but for whom there is concern.

Many departments decided to no longer publish a departmental bar when the central condition was put in place. In February 2011 while prepping the new bulletin, we removed references to the departmental conditions about GRE scaled (200-800) scores, because the GRE has changed and those formulas no longer work.

Anyone taking the test after July 1 2011 will have scores that are not 200-800 for the GREV and GREQ. You can read more about the new (better in our opinion) test here (PDF, 505 KB). 

When this happened, all departments were asked to determine what they wanted to do regarding changing/continuing to publish their departmental bars. You can continue to use an internal bar, and if you wish to publish it in the next bulletin or on your website, that is fine - just let us know. We suggest creating a bar that uses percentiles, because those will always be provided, even when raw/scale score ranges change.