Wachovia Award

This fund was established to recognize and award faculty and/or graduate students for studies related to environmental concerns for the region served by the University.

Application Information

The online application includes a nomination letter from department chair, other administrator, or professional colleague.

Selection Criteria

  • Significant contributions to environmental research with particular application to the Southern Appalachian Region.
  • Environmental research is defined as research that produces knowledge of the natural environment and/or human interaction with the natural environment. Such knowledge generally should be grounded in the disciplines eligible for consideration for National Science Foundation research awards.

Deadline: by 5 PM on February 17, 2017

Donor: Wachovia Bank of North Carolina

Past Recipients:

1995 Dr. Matthew Rowe, Biology
1996 Dr. Timothy H. Silver, History
1997 Dr. Dennis M. Scanlin, Technology
1998 Dr. Neal G. Lineback, Geography & Planning
1999 Dr. Peter T. Soulé, Geography & Planning
2000 Dr. Garry Cooper, Geography & Planning
2001 Not Given
2002 Dr. Zack Murrell, Biology
2003 Not Given
2004 Dr. Tim Silver, History
2005 Dr. Melany Fisk, Biology
2006 Dr. Carol Babyak, Chemistry
Mr. Jeremy Chandler Ferrell (Student), Technology
2007 Dr. Shea Tuberty, Biology
2008 Not Given
2009 Dr. Saskia Van de Gevel, Geography and Planning
2010 Dr. Brett Taubman, Chemistry
2011 Not Given
2012 Not Given
2013 Not Given
2014 Not Given
2015 Baker Perry, Geography & Planning