Health Services

 Welcome to Appalachian!

The staff in Health Services are looking forward to working with you while you are a graduate student. Our facility is located on campus in the Miles Annas building, behind the campus post-office. Our website contains useful information about health and wellness and about the services we provide for full-time graduate students.

There are two very important items that require action in regards to your health information.

1. Medical History Forms

As an on-campus graduate student, you must complete the Health History form, upload your immunization record and enter the dates you received each immunization in the Student Health Service MedPortal. The link is The link is also available on the Student Health Services website. These requirements are set by the law of North Carolina. Failure to complete the requirements will result in ASU withdrawing the student from the university.

Summer/Fall Admits: Forms are due no later than July 1. Please direct questions to the medical records area at 828-262-6578.

Spring Admits: Forms are due no later than January 1. Please direct questions to the medical records area at 828-262-6578.

2. Proof of Medical Insurance

All degree-seeking students at Appalachian enrolled on campus in 9 or more hours must show proof of major medical health insurance. If you are enrolled in less than nine hours enrolling in the student health insurance plan is optional.

If you have insurance, you can submit proof of that insurance to "waive out."
If you do not have health insurance and you are enrolled in 9 or more hours on campus, you will be billed through your student account for a policy from NC Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
If you are enrolled in less than 9 hours, you cannot purchase student insurance. If you have less than 9 credit hours, you are not required to have insurance and will not be charged or automatically enrolled in student insurance.

Please provide insurance information by logging into You can read about the low-cost student policy that you would be enrolled in at You should check the Health Services Website to learn more about the low-cost coverage available and how to enroll or "waive out."

Below are the answers to some common questions about health services on campus. Please let us know if you have additional questions, and again, welcome!

FAQs about Health Services, Immunizations, and Insurance Requirements

Health Services

What services are available on campus? The Health Services facility behind the post office on campus is a "primary care ambulatory clinic," meaning that we see students for acute illnesses and injuries as well as some preventative care. We can also fill some standard prescriptions. Check the Health Services Fees link on our website. You also have access to the Student Wellness Center (

I am only going to be part-time for a couple of semesters while I do my research; can I still access health services on campus? Students who pay the health services fee are entitled to our services. Part-time graduate students are not automatically billed, so if you wish to use our services you will have to arrange to pay the health services fee. The Student Accounts office in John E. Thomas Hall can assist you with this.

Do I have access in the summer terms? If you are taking summer classes, or if you are enrolled in the spring semester as well as the following fall semester, you are eligible to use our facility. There will be a small access fee charged per visit.


I cannot locate my immunization records, or I am not sure if I am immunized; what should I do? Primary care physicians, pediatricians offices, local health departments, and high school records are all good resources to seek historical immunization records. All recods must have your name and birth date. They also must have the name and address of the provider of the immunization record. If you need immunizations, you may choose to receive them from the health department, your private doctor, some urgent care clinics, some pharmacies or Student Health Services. The list of required immunizations can be found at

What happens if I don't submit my immunization and medical history form? North Carolina law requires that the Registrar drop you from all classes if the immunization requirements are not met in a timely fashion. Having your classes dropped can cause you to lose your federal financial aid, assistantship, scholarship or fellowship funds, so be sure to take care of turning in the form by the deadline.
I was a student at Appalachian before; do I need to submit the immunization form again? Yes. We request the Health History form to be completed annually. It is helpful for Student Health Service to have the most up to date immunization record for our reference. And the immunization requirements can change as the North Carolina legislature changes the laws and requirements.

I submitted all of my immunization records to my last college; do I need to submit the same documents to you? Yes, Universities do not share the Health History or Immunization Certificates withour your request. Each university and each state have unique requirements.

I am planning on enrolling off campus instead of on campus; do I need to submit the immunization form? Students who are on campus for 4 credit hours or less are not required to meet the state of North Carolina immunization requirements. If the student's credit hours on campus increases above 4 hours during any semester, the immunization and health history requirements will then be required.

Medical Insurance

I don't have the required medical insurance; what should I do? You can buy insurance from a variety of sources if you are not eligible to be covered on a parent or spouse's policy. If you don't arrange for insurance to become active before September 1, you will be automatically enrolled in a student insurance policy offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can read about the policy and the costs on the web at To finalize your enrollment in that insurance you will need to supply some information on the website (follow the link for "Hard Waiver Enrollment").

What happens if I don't submit my health insurance information online before August 31? You will be enrolled in the policy from Blue Cross Ble Shield and your student account will be billed each semester. After September 11, you will need to appeal to have the charges removed from your student account. Be sure to WAIVE OUT early to avoid being billed. Follow the link for Waive Online at

I am planning on enrolling off campus instead of on campus; do I need prove that I have insurance? Off campus students are not required to prove they have insurance.