Banner IDs, Email, Registration and Parking

As a newly enrolled graduate student, there are several important tasks you must complete. The following is a checklist of these tasks and information.

1. Banner IDs and Email
To finalize your admission to the School of Graduate Studies you must confirm your admission via the online application portal. Once this is done, our Admissions team will transfer your information into our Banner student database. You will be assigned a Banner ID (a nine digit number starting with 900 that is your unique student identifier). You will also be assigned an Appalnet username, which is usually your last name and first and middle initials (and possibly a number if yours is a popular last name). Your email address is your user ID name and @appstate.ed added. If you do not receive an email with your username and Banner ID, please contact the IT Support Services team.

Once you have your username and Banner ID, you may use the password change form to set your password. To check your email once you have your username and password, go to the Appalachian homepage and follow the link for Appalnet. Log in using your username and password. If you have additional questions, please contact the IT help desk at 828-262-6266.

2. Class Registration
Once you have been successfully admitted and have your username and password, you may register for classes through Appalnet. If you have been tentatively admitted you will be eligible to register only after we have received your final transcripts showing the date your degree was awarded.

To register for classes:

  • Contact your program director for guidance in course selection
  • Go to Appalnet
  • Log in using your username and password
  • Click on the "Self Service" tab
  • Click on the Student tab for "Registration"

Registration is open throughout the summer. However, there are various times the system is shut down for maintenance purposes and you will be unable to access AppalNet. If you continue to experience difficulty registering, contact the Graduate School.

Although it is an option to finalize your course registration in August or January, we strongly encourage you to receive advice from your department on class registration and to register as soon as you're able to do so. There is a possibility that classes will be canceled due to low enrollment; therefore, it is important for you to register as soon as possible to prevent this from occurring.

3. Appalachian Student ID Card (AppCard)
Once you arrive to campus, please visit the Appcard office in the basement of Trivette Hall (the building behind the pond at the corner of Rivers Street and Stadium Drive). The Appcard office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. They offer extended hours prior to and at the beginning of each new semester. A Banner ID is required to have your picture taken for your AppCard. If you are an Appalachian alumnus and have an AppCard, you may continue using it.

4. Parking
All graduate students who are pre-registered for Fall classes may apply for a parking permit through Appalnet. If you have a graduate assistantship, you are eligible for on-campus parking registration. A list of all graduate assistants nominated by departments is sent mid-July to the Traffic and Parking Office. If you are not on the list to receive an on-campus parking permit as a graduate assistant, please carry a copy of your signed assistantship contract to Traffic and Parking Office located in the Rivers Street Parking Deck.