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Completing a Degree or Certificate

All students must submit an application to graduate from a degree or certificate program --- you had to apply to get in, and you have to apply to get out!

You can apply to graduate from a DEGREE program or complete a CERTIFICATE program online. Here is how:

  1. Log into AppalNet.
  2. Go to the Student tab under Self-Service tab.
  3. Follow the Student Records link near the top of the list.
  4. Follow the Apply to Graduate link near the bottom of the list.

Please READ the directions carefully!!!! A few tips:

  • Choose the MOST RECENT term of enrollment in the list because that will be the most current information about your major program.
  • If you are graduating from two different degree programs (see Examples), you have to go through the process twice - once for each degree program. You will receive two diplomas - one for each degree - and will be charged two application fees. [Examples: SSP/MA in School Psychology; MS in Accounting and MBA.] The same is true of certificates.
  • If you are graduating from two major programs that for the same degree type, you will only need to go through the process for your primary program. [Example: Appalachian Studies and English are both MA degree programs.] Please send an email to the Graduate Records staff ( in the Graduate School after applying simply to let them know that you are completing two majors.
  • If you are also completing a certificate, you will need to follow this process a second time to receive the certificate in addition to the degree.
  • Read everything carefully - especially where you can specify your middle name or initial for your diploma and where you can specify the mailing address for your diploma.
  • Don't forget to submit when you get to the end. If you do submit and you realize later that you typed something wrong, contact the Graduate School.
  • Note: Students completing BOTH a degree and certificate must complete both applications prior to graduation.
  • For a pictorial guide to the application - see the Registrar's Website!

More information about graduation and commencement for degree seeking students.

Questions? Contact the Graduate Records Staff (