Essential Dates


Thesis and Dissertation
Comprehensive Exams/Products of Learning
Other (Courses, Independent/Individual Studies, Internships, Thesis Hours, etc.)


Applying to Graduate

Degree-seeking students must apply for graduation (regardless of whether they plan to attend the commencement ceremony). The form is available online, which requires a non-refundable/non-transferrable application fee of $20. Students who do not meet the dates below may experience long delays in receipt of their diplomas or be required to apply for a later term. A late fee of $5 will be assessed on all applications submitted after the deadlines below. Applications submitted after the final deadline will NOT BE ACCEPTED and will be deferred to a later term. Please note that the application for graduation will be closed on the first business day follwing the deadline dates noted below for billing purposes.


Degrees and Certificates


Initial Deadline* for Graduation

FINAL Deadline** for Graduation

Summer 2019Last week day of JuneJuly 8th, 2019
Fall 2019Last week day of SeptemberNovember 13th, 2019

 *Last date for which the regular application fee will be charged.

**Last date for which graduation applications will be accepted for graduation for that term.

Thesis / Dissertation Deadlines

  • Last day to defend a thesis or dissertation is approximately one month prior to commencement for that term. In summer the end of the "semester" is the end of second summer session. Please note that your department may impose an earlier deadline. ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD, ESPECIALLY IN SUMMER!
  • Submission of a defended draft of the thesis or dissertation is due in the Graduate School no later than the dates listed below. In summer the end of the "semester" is the end of second summer session. Your draft will be reviewed by the Graduate School readers, and additional changes may be necessary.
  • Completed Theses must be turned in on or before the final Completed Thesis Deadline. LATE submissions will NOT BE ACCEPTED.



DRAFT Deadline (Post Defense)

COMPLETED Thesis* Deadline

Summer 2019

July 8th, 2019

July 3oth, 2019

*A "Completed Thesis" includes the final, edited copy ready for publication; printed copies ready for binding (if applicable); and, binding/shipping payment (if applicable).


Written / Oral Comprehensives and Products of Learning Presentation Deadlines

  • The signed paperwork documenting successful completion must be received in the Graduate School at least 1 day before final exams begin in the semester of graduation. In summer, the end of the "semester" is the end of second summer session.



Deadlines for Other Requirements

  • Deadlines to register for all coursework, including but not limited to coursework, internships, thesis hours, independent and individual studies are consistent with the deadlines for drop and add established by the Office of the Registrar.
  • All work (classwork, internship, proficiency, etc.) must be completed by the student no later than the official date of graduation for that semester. The official date of graduation will be set each semester by the Registrar, and in general falls within two days of the commencement ceremony. During summer, the official date of graduation is within two days of the last class day.