Fall 2016 GSAS Grant Recipients

Spring 2017 GSAS Grant Recipients

Round I

Brandon AdamResearch Materials – $483.00 – Physics and Astronomy – Title: Balloon Telescope Stabilization

Byron BurrellTravel - $200.00 – Biology: Master of Science – Association of Southeastern Biologist Meeting – Project Description: I will be presenting a poster based on my research of the Tate Hill Bog Preserve and vertebrate census techniques at the Association of Southeastern Biologist Annual Meeting. 

Ben Duvall-IrwinTravel - $200.00 – Center for Appalachian Studies – Appalachian Studies Association Conference – Project Description: I will be involved in two presentations at the annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference. First I will be delivering a presentation of my own research paper on the topic of gendered violence in the Appalachian ballad, titled “Amongst the Ladies All”: Gendered Violence in Appalachian Balladry”. Second, I will participate as a respondent in a panel discussion (titled “River Voices: Arts and Development in the Upper New River Valley”) about my work related to Arts and Community Development as part of the Appalachian Teaching Project.

Catherine EdwardsTravel - $300.00 – Psychology – National Association of School of Psychologists Annual Convention – Project Description – The first presentation, “Getting It Right: Treatment Fidelity is a Game Changer,” will be a paper presentation. The second and third presentations will be in poster format, and will be presented at the Trainers of School Psychologists annual convention. Both conventions will be held in conjunction with one another in San Antonio, TX. 

Kitt FranseResearch Materials - $472.00 – MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology – Project Title: The enterendocrine morphology of the developing zebrafish intestine.

Marie Hale – Travel - $200.00 – MA in Appalachian Studies – Appalachian Studies Association – Presentation Title: The panel will include the experience of other ASU students who have worked on community collaboration projects to build digital archives.

Nikolai Hay – Travel - $300.00 – Master of Science in Cell/Molecular Biology – Association of Southeastern Biologists – Project Presentation – Geum radiatum Michx commonly known as Appalachian Avens, is a high elevation rock outcrop, federally endangered. 

Laura Johnston – Travel - $348.00 – Appalachian Studies – Appalachian Studies Conference – Presentation Title: I will be presenting my paper, “Feast or Famine: Food Insecurity in Affluent Appalachian Tourism Communities.”

Zachary Hopkin – Travel - $200.00 – Appalachian Studies (Sustainability Concentration) – Annual Conference of the Appalachian Studies Association – Presentation Title: Building Digital History: The Challenges and Rewards of Community Collaborations.

Corey Magaldino – Travel - $200.00 – Experimental Psychology – South Eastern Psychological Association – Presentation Title: “Can Rotational Inertia Alone Identify Disk Diameter?” “College Persistence Questionnaire Improves Retention at a Small Private University.”

Paige Rice – Travel - $500.00 – Exercise Science – American Society of Biomechanics – Project Description: I will present the research from my Thesis to inform people about different morphological and performance characteristics of dancers. 

Tyler Rice – Research - $200.00 – Exercise Science – Project Title: 20-hydroxyecdyone and anabolic signaling following in vivo eccentric skeletal muscle damage.

Kaila Skelly – Travel - $300.00 – School of Psychology – NASP 2017 Annual Conference – Project Description: What Percentage of Programs Actually Have Additional Credentialing?

Roberta Seamon – Travel - $500.00 – MA Appalachian Studies – 40th Annual Appalachian Studies Conference – Presentation Title: Mountain Religion and Healthcare in Appalachia: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know?

Jessica Udry – Travel - $297.00 – Experimental Psychology – Southeastern Psychological Association – Project Title: Normative Information and Reflection Time in Milgram’s Obedience to Authority.

Drennan Williams – Travel - $300.00 – School of Psychology – National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Annual Conference – Presentation Title: A System Analysis of School-Based Consultation Across Doctoral and Specialists Programs.


Congratulations to all of our Spring 2017 grant recipients!