Research, Professional Development, and Travel Funding

Research and professional development are essential components of the graduate experience and several funding opportunities are available to graduate students who are engaged in research and professional development activities.


Cratis D. Williams Graduate Student Research Grant

This research grant is named in honor of Dr. Cratis D. Williams and administered by the Office of Student Research.  Funding is available for graduate students engaged in thesis and dissertation research as well as research required as part of a product of learning or other capstone research requirement. Grants are in the $200 - $500 range. The deadlines each year in October and February. Please refer to the  Office of Student Research Website for the online application process.

Graduate Student Association Senate (GSAS) Research Materials and/or Presentation Travel Grant

Funding is provided by the Graduate Student Association Senate (GSAS)  and administered by the School of  Graduate Studies to financially support graduate student research.  Awards are either for research materials or for travel to a conference to present results. Grants are in the $100 to $500 range. Deadlines are set each Fall and Spring by GSAS. Click here to see the current year's grant recipients.

Please use the links below to find out more about each of these grant opportunities:

Awards: Domer Research Award; Zigli Research Award; JVL Professional Development Award

These awards provide approximately $500 (subject to budget allocations) in support for graduate students each year. Nominations are accepted each year with awards made in early winter for use by the student before May. See the Awards page for more information, including how to apply.