Transitioning to the Graduate Degree Program

How and when are my records updated to show that I am a new graduate degree student?

If you are accepted into the Accelerated Admissions program, you will be tentatively admitted into the graduate degree program to which you have applied. If you still have at least one term of enrollment remaining in your undergraduate program when accepted through Accelerated Admissions, then you will be granted access to register in graduate level courses while still enrolled as an undergraduate.

Please note that you should not pre-register for courses for your admission term to the graduate program. If you do, you will be doing so as a continuing, undergraduate student.  In order to update the system and finalize your graduate admission, our office will have to delete any registration made at the undergraduate level. You would then be responsible for re-registering for the courses at the graduate level.

Our office works directly with the Dean's Offices and the Registrar's Office to expedite the process of awarding the undergraduate degrees for any students who are transitioning from an undergraduate degree to a graduate degree program every May, August, and December. This expedited processing requires several days and, unfortunately, means that the updates in the system do occur very close to the start of the next term. Our office will update your admission decision in the application system as soon as all the updates have been completed so you will receive an email notice of new action on your application.

After your admission as graduate degree student is finalized, you will be officially considered a graduate student at Appalachian and may be eligible for fellowships, assistantships, scholarships, and financial aid available for graduate students.