College of Arts and Sciences

Neva Specht, Interim Dean
Dru Henson, Associate Dean
Jennifer Burris, Interim Associate Dean

Comprising the academic areas of the Humanities, the Mathematical, Natural, and Social Sciences, the College encourages professional growth, creativity, and colleagueship, and promotes the habits of inquiry, learning, and service among all its constituents. The graduate programs housed in the college foster the development of a variety of skills that are desirable for careers in industry, government, business, and education, or that prepare for further study at the doctoral level.

Department of Anthropology ( – Timothy Smith, Chair

Center for Appalachian Studies ( – William Schumann, Director

Department of Biology ( – Zack Murrell, Interim Chair

Department of Chemistry ( – Claudia Cartaya-Marin, Chair

Department of Computer Science ( – James Wilkes, Chair

Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies ( – Mark Nunes, Chair

Department of English ( – Carl Eby, Chair

Department of Geography and Planning ( – Kathleen Schroeder, Chair

Department of Geology ( – William Anderson, Chair

Department of Government and Justice Studies ( – Phillip Ardoin, Chair

Department of History ( – James Goff, Chair

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ( – James Fogelquist, Chair

Department of Mathematical Sciences ( – Mark Ginn, Chair

Department of Philosophy and Religion ( – Kevin Schilbrack, Chair

Department of Physics and Astronomy ( - Michael Briley, Chair

Department of Psychology ( – James Denniston, Chair

Department of Sociology ( – Amy Dellinger Page, Chair