Weather Policy

Weather Policy

Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel or delay classes during severe weather conditions. In determining whether to do so, the Chancellor consults with the Provost, Vice Chancellors, and other appropriate personnel. Only the Governor of North Carolina has the authority to close the institution due to adverse weather conditions.

The Office of Public Affairs, or its designee, has the responsibility for publicizing the Chancellor's decision to cancel or delay classes. Every effort will be made to reach such a decision by 6:30 a.m. of the affected day. The information will be disseminated via the ASU home page and AppalNET, and to local radio and regional TV stations able to report the university's status in sufficient detail (e.g., the expectations for staff members or the time until which classes are being delayed). Also, a recorded telephone message announcing any change in normal operations is available at (828) 262-SNOW. Faculty are reminded that media do not announce individual class cancellations.

Staff employees (SPA) should follow the State's adverse weather policy as distributed on the Human Resource Services web page:

Information concerning any cancellations or delays of ASU classes offered at off-campus sites will be accessible at

"Classes are cancelled" means that no classes will be held on the day or night indicated, and such notices will state the expectations for staff employees. Announcements of class delays will specify the point during the day at which classes will resume meeting at their regularly scheduled times. "The University is closed" means that all classes and other activities are cancelled and that only essential personnel who can reach campus safely are expected to report.

Though it is impossible to describe precisely the conditions that may warrant interrupting normal operations, the people involved in such determinations will consider both the University's educational responsibilities and the physical welfare of all members of its community. The assessment of the situation will also take into account, as one factor, the status of the AppalCart bus system.

Because weather and road conditions often vary significantly within this area, the decision whether to travel must rest with the individual. When there has been no general cancellation of classes, individual faculty who are unable to meet their classes but have access to e-mail should send students timely notice that they will not meet. The faculty member must also notify the departmental chair by e-mail or telephone. Faculty are encouraged to make reasonable accommodation, including the opportunity to make up any missed assignments or examinations, for students who live at a distance from campus and have been absent from class because of dangerous weather or road conditions.